Drug Control, formed in early 2014, was set to put San Diego straight edge back on the map. DC’s songs and lyrics are straight to the point and in your face, influenced by acts such as Agnostic Front, Warzone, SSD, and Youth of Today. After a great demo tape on Criminal Rights records they are about to drop their debut 7″ on STRAIGHT & ALERT recs and COINTOSS recs. Drug Control Crew, is coming for you.

Line up
Danny : Vocals
Martin : Bass
Derek : Guitar
Matt : Guitar
Dylen : Drums

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Droid X Rage! webzine

The Hammer
Vermin [7"]
S&A 22

Clean Break
ST [7"]
S&A 21

Harm Done
Abuse / Abused [LP/CD]
S&A 20

Blindside USA
Wave Of Regret [7"]
S&A 19

The Worst Doubt
Demo 2015 [Tape]
S&A 18

Harm Done
Hammer Tape '15 [Tape]
S&A 17

Blindside USA
Demo 2014 [Tape]
S&A 16

NYC Headhunters
Demo 2015 [Tape]
S&A 15

Drug Control
ST [7"]
S&A 14

Social Damage
Eye For An Eye [7"]
S&A 13

Raw Justice
Artificial Peace[7"]
S&A 11

The Real Deal
Demo 2014 [Tape]
S&A 12

Harm Done
S/T [7"]
S&A 10

Social Damage
Both Demos [7"]
S&A 09

Said And Done
Better Days [LP]
S&A 08

Give / Take [7"]
S&A 05

Clean Break
Face Value [7"]
S&A 07

Clean Break
Demo 2013 [7"]
S&A 04

Jack Move
Demo 2014 [Tape]
S&A 06

Walking On Hands And Knees [12"]
S&A 03

Cut Loose
Demo 2013 [Tape]
S&A 02  

Raw Justice
We Don't Need Your Friends [7"]
S&A 01  

Raw Justice
We Don't Need Your Friends [Summer Tour version] [7"]
S&A 01