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It was a year ago or two, that Tim McMahon (Singer of Search and mostly renown for having fronted Mouthpiece) asked on Instagram (and maybe other social media) if anyone wanted to start a new hardcore band. I don’t now if Search was born at this moment but apparently he found some friends to mess around. And it’s not “random” friends that answered the call. You got the best New Jersey’s players from the nineties, people from Floorpunch, Turning Point and Resurrection to name their most prominent accomplishment.

With a line up like that, I didn’t have high expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I just mean that I knew it would sound like it was ’97 all over again, and I didn’t get anything more. And I’m totally fine with that, the dudes know their jobs and they do it perfectly. It’s clearly not the record of the year for me, but you got 6 songs between Twin Killing and What Was Said, it’s efficient, it’s not cheesy, perfectly straight forward and it’s on Revelation Records, what else ?

When you’re good at something, keep doing it, sometimes it’s just for the better.

FFO : Do you remember hardcore ? Well they do.


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 — Second Guess Records —
It’s so sick and refreshing to see familiar faces getting together with some new faces to start a new band. Culture Shock feature members of other Adelaide bands Reactions and Level but bring a different sound to the table with a much more slam based approach. Similar to something you’d find on the roster of labels like Triple B or Mosher’s Delight. This demo is a breath of fresh air from a city that is often criticized for being stale, seeing them play live the songs translate well and are a lot of fun. 6 tracks of no filler, all killer hardcore made for slamming, with such a strong demo a new release will hopefully be not too far off.



— Seventh Day records 

Vegan Straight Edge Youth Crew is quite the mouthful but Fearless from Sydney are looking at breathing new life into a genre that hasn’t had much love in Australia. Their sound is remiss of something you’d find on the early React! Or Livewire records, but what makes this demo stand out, amongst other bands of the style, is the lyrical content; the first song consumer chains discussing the consumerist modern society in which we’re all trapped in, Inhumane discussing the need to protect animal life’s through changing diets and Force for Change being about the need to create a inclusive scene that’s representative of all genders not just males. Overall it’s easily of the best youth crew bands to come of the country in the last few years and worth a listen even if youth crew isn’t normally your thing.

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— Last Ride records —

Following up from their split released last year with Controlled from Sydney,Primitive Blast return with two songs of pure Caveman hardcore bliss.

Released to coincide with their national tour with Angel Du$t, the two song promo perfectly showcases their unique brand of modern hardcore. Soundwise it lands somewhere between Boston hardcore and the grunts of a Neanderthal dragging his dinner back into his cave.

This demo is highly recommended for those living the raw life, expect the 7” out in the hopefully not too distant future.

This year performing at UNITED BLOOD FEST!


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