Harm Done 

Brutality Will Prevail – Sleep Paralysis

Brutality Will Prevail, used to play hard hitting UK beatdown. They have since a few time trade their mesh shorts and brassknuckles for woodcutter shirts and beanies. Now playing a sludgy, dark and dirty down-tempo hardcore. Concerning their new LP, no one expected this. Even with all that had gone before, still no one saw this coming; A beast, forged of living nightmares and restless slumber spewing forth three new messages of the night. Two familiar, yet harking back to an older time still, filled with violence and rage, with another taking the form of darkness itself, sprawling, evolving and all consuming, crushing both body and soul. Brutality Will Prevail return with 3 new tracks clocking in at around 20 minutes total of pure rage, anger and darkness on a beautifull picture disc.

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