THE WORST DOUBT join S&A Crew + Tape out now !

THE WORST DOUBT join S&A Crew + Tape out now ! 

The latest addition to Straight & Alert records crew is THE WORST DOUBT

The Worst Doubt is a new young band hailing from Paris, featuring members of Backboned, Mad At The World, Wolfpack, Hard To Handle and Raw Justice. They got together in 2014 to play heavy, groovy and hard hitting hardcore highly influenced by Soul Search, King Nine, Merauder, Suburban Scum, Kickback or Trapped Under Ice. After a bunch of shows they hit the studio to record this promising 5 track DIY demo.

We are glad to announce we just released their 5 track Demo Tape.

ORDER the tape HERE

Pressing infos :
150 clear tapes
100 black covers
50 white covers

You can already stream / download / buy the full Tape on our bandcamp page.



Alexis is the one man behind STRAIGHT & ALERT, also doing vocals for Harm Done and Raw Justice (R.I.P). He has been involved into Hardcore Punk for 15 years, running Straight & Alert, playing in bands, booking shows or doing a fanzine. Based in Nantes, France.

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