RAGE joins S&A records – 7″ preorders

I’m glad to announce RAGE from Australia are joining S&A and I’ll release their debut 7″ called FEEL THE BURN.  The story behind this release is pretty simple. Jarrod emailed me to promote their record and maybe get a review on the blog, but I liked it so much I offered them to do a European press, and here we are.

Even more stoked to be part of this release knowing the Australian version is out on one of the best / biggest australian hardcore labels RESIST records, who put out records for notorious bands such as 50 Lions, Miles Away, Internal Affairs, Carpathian or even Parkway Drive.


RAGE was started with the intention to play UK influenced hardcore like Violent Reaction or The Flex, so you can definitely find that UKHC vibe, mixed with Boston Hardcore (The Rival Mob / No Tolerance) and mid 80’s NYHC (Outburst).


Since the Australian press will be out early September, we’ve already started preorders so you can scoop a copy now if you don’t live on the other side of the globe! You can already stream 2 songs of the record on bandcamp.

There will be 3 versions for the European press of that 7″ and also a T-shirt. PREORDER them here.
Preorder cover / Red wax – 100 copies
Regular cover / Red wax – 100 copies
Regular cover / Black wax – 300 copies
Test Presses – 15 copies




If you wanna know more about RAGE you can read that pretty cool interview on REST ASSURED webzine.

And give the band a like on facebook.



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