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So long to Melbourne hardest

Rebirth90’s Metallic hardcore is a type of sound that was heavily trending the last few years. The impressive thing is that it didn’t affect my love for it. I’m always thrilled as hell when a new contender enter the game. I discovered REBIRTH quite lately, with their Rising Dissent EP they put out on Life.Lair.Regret. Records, and it was hard stuff. The perfect blend of musical braindead brutality and highly intelligent lyrics, just the right thing for me. When I heard about their break up, I immediately regretted not having interviewed them. So I tried to reach them, and I’m thankful for Tyronne to have answered me.


Hi there Tyronne what is up ? First of all, who am I talking to and what are you doing in the band ?

Hey Mathieu, Your talking to Tyronne and I was the founding member and vocalist of the band that was, Rebirth.


What do you do for a living ?

I am a social/ youth worker. I was doing residential care work with children in out of home care (wards of the state) but have recently changed jobs as a youth employment worker. The new job is super cool as I get to help kids 14-24 to secure sustainable employment and provide mentorship through the whole process.


As it’s about your break up, let’s get straight to the point, what happened ?

We had done about 5 years worth of a band squashed into just over two year, so it was crazy for all of us. With losing our original bass player, the dynamic shifted and we decided to end it after continuing on for a time after the Lp was released, while there was life and passion in the band. You know, so we weren’t just squeezing out the sound while our hearts were dead to the project.


Is it a definite break or just a hiatus ?

Sorry to disappoint all you fans out there, it is a definite break up.


Will you reform on a huge festival and state that it’s only a one shot but then record a new LP and tour the world on big tours with, let’s say, Terror or Agnostic Front ? (And I’m not bitter at all about bands doing that. Jk I’m mad as hell)

Haha nope.. We will keep our faith and not stab ourselves in the heart and coke on our words. (We are all huge Foundation nerds hahah). jokes aside, Australia has had some crazy shows and opportunities of those said reunion bands so I should not be too harsh.


On a personal level, how do you feel about the band splitting up ?

Personally I feel that we came to the right decision as all members were and are starting to do our own thing more and more. With our varying age demographic (19-38), life stages and commitments kept conflicting and getting in the way. Such as I needed to go back to study to finish my degree and Rory is moving to Japan to teach english.



Do you have any kind of regret on how it went with rebirth, like you didn’t tour enough or didn’t do something you wanted to ?

I am incredibly proud of what we accomplished and the memories we shared as Rebirth (both good and bad) but I think one thing myself and the others really wanted to do was tour overseas which just wasn’t feasible financially for us. I guess Ill leave that to younger members of the band to tackle in their other projects!


Do you think, on a personal level, you will be able to play in a band that doesn’t carry a socio political message ?

I have always been someone who thinks with morally, empathy and big on social imagination so even if I do other bands, music in the future it will always have some sort of political edge. If I went into a more emotional direction, it would be in a Embrace way.

In my mind, you can’t separate yourself from the society you live in or escape “politics” as these pervade all aspects of out lives (some more so than others due to privilege), I used to think you could separate yourself but Im older now and feel that this is a naive notion.


These political lyrics were a stance because it was nineties sounding hardcore and it’s kind of included in the pack or it was something you really wanted to share, as something you lived with everyday ?

The idea for starting the band came from a lyrical point of view first and foremost. When I posted asking of interest in starting a 90s style band, I had a demos worth of lyrics written about the social issues I was witnessing within Australia. I was tired of feeling ashamed at living in a racist, misogynistic and xenophobic country that felt like it was going backwards with each headline coming out of Canberra.


Why a nineties metalcore sound though ? What were your motivation or inspirations for this project ?

The message was chosen and the music style was deliberate to enhance the medium the message was delivered through. I had tried approaching social justice issues in more of a Youthcrew style in my first band but I needed it to be as angry as I felt so it needed to be heavier to accurately reflect the emotion I felt. The 90s hardcore sound also came with the image of being a very politically driven and lyrically it appealed to how I think and the themes, issues and ideas they tackled.

My motivation for doing Rebirth was basically to channel the anger into a voice and hopefully inspire other people into making change. For many years I had seen the usual “merch and records up the back” spiels and found myself continually wishing more bands were using the platform to rally people together for a cause or talk about challenging harmful cultural norms. From the feedback from people from all over, I feel like we did what I had initially envisioned, even if it was only in a small way.


Aside the band, were any of you involved in political or protest groups or party ?

As a band we did donate a lot of money to smaller charities and always discussed this at length. When we could, most of us would go to a protest or march if we did not have other commitments, (the age commitments really came into play at times). All of us were vegan besides Dave (Vegetarian) and all of course were Straight Edge so we all have aspects of our lives that aim to bring about positive change both personal or external.

I did begin a small food donation initiative called Food Of Today at hardcore/ punk shows which is still ongoing and I have recruited volunteers from other parts of Australia to do the same in their scenes. All the food from the donations goes to asylum seeker/ refugee centres in the local area.


Are you satisfied with your deal with Life Lair Regret records ? Did they let you do whatever you wanted ?

The Lair were always willing to help with what we decided to do and really helped push the band to further places. Without their support we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did. Sometimes there was disagreements but that’s just the nature of any band/ label arrangment, man at times it can really suck when your in a position of an almost professional setting with friends riding on a fair chunk of money.


As your records were distributed by some label like Carry The Weight records in Europe, why didn’t you tour the old world ?

It was a mind trip to being apart of Carry The Weight Records! Hahah if we could have toured the old world we would have in a heartbeat! It sadly always came back to the realistic nature of being able to afford such a trip. It probably doesn’t sound very punk but when half the band lives independently and has stable relationship/ careers, it’s hard to go off broke and come back in a huge amount of debt then dealing with the anxiety and stress of such a situation.


Is their any project in the trunk for any of you ?

I am currently working on a OC style worship demo and a Rev Summer/ DisChord demo with friends. Ive written the two demos lyrically and am waiting on the last half of riffs. I think these projects will be strictly releases with no live bands. I have decided to take a break from the stage for awhile so I can focus on other hobbies of mine such as my many art endeavours hahah.

What is you best and your worst memory with the band ?

My best memory was touring with Foundation for a week after sourly missing them the first time they toured Australia and the final show, getting hugs and deeply personal thank yous from people I barely know

My worst memory of the band was realising that people will go out of their way to spite you due to standing by your moral convictions of wanting a safe, welcoming enviroment. Oh and cleaning up Dave’s vomit when he toured while barely recovering from pneumonia, we thought he might die on that tour to Adelaide. He is one strong, stubborn bastard, Ill tell you now.


Toe to toe or Carpathian ?

Toe to toe were before my time. Carpathian was my bread and butter as a late teenager, though I never liked the mosh crews.



Would you rather live in a world painted by Dali but it’s a natural catastrophe or only survive by drinking motor oil living in the middle of the desert and be flammable? A least you wouldn’t have to work to survive.

I love Dali so I would choose living in a world that was interrupted by melting clocks and strange, abstract environments. It would be an awesome experience trying to do still life in a world like Dali’s mind.


Any shout out or last word ?

I want to thank every single person who helped contribute to Rebirth as a band. Nothing would have been accomplished is people did not download, buy the records and songs. You helped us make the change we did. And thanks Mathieu for the interview!

Think. Learn. Grow. Give.



Tieuma used to be writing for DROID x RAGE webzine and Same Shit Different Day fanzine. He played in a few bands in Strasbourg, mostly short living projects, and played bass for Mind Awake from Paris for a little time. Also loves cats and Hello Kitty
Based in Strasbourg, France

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