Chiller Than Most - Issue 5

Issue 5 of Chiller Than Most fanzine is finally out! This is for sure one of the best European fanzines these days. Here is what you'll find in this new issue :

- How do you evaluate the work of Mental? An in-depth analysis of the history of Mental. Interview with Ambrose Nzams and Dylan Chadwick. 
- Things to check out in NYC, a hardcore-lover's guide (171A, A7, The Pyramid Club, CBGB, Tompkins Square Park, Ray's Candy Store). 
- Interviews with Nancy Barile, Tony Rettman, Firm Standing Law, The Accursed, Supertouch. 
- The unedited BOLD chapter ("Straight Edge: A Clear-Headed Hardcore Punk History") 
- The story of the infamous Buff Hall show (Minor Threat, SS Decontrol, Agnostic Front).

The cut'n'paste fanzine is A4 size, 32 pages. Cover art by Chun One.

3,50 €

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