AlexisAlexis is the one man behind STRAIGHT & ALERT, also doing vocals for Harm Done and Raw Justice (R.I.P). He has been involved into Hardcore Punk for 15 years, running Straight & Alert, playing in bands, booking shows or doing a fanzine.

Based in Nantes, France.




AtimentalAttila got his life changed by the “Flex Your Head compilation” back in 1997. Since then he felt in love with Hardcore Punk and never left. If you’ve been into Fanzines during the last few years you obviously know Attila’s contribution called Chiller Than Most.

Based in Miskolc, Hungary.




TieumaMathieu used to be writing for DROID x RAGE webzine and Same Shit Different Day fanzine. He played in a few bands in Strasbourg, mostly short living projects, and played bass for Mind Awake from Paris for a little time. Also loves cats and Hello Kitty

Based in Strasbourg, France





XmichaelXMichael is our German Straight Edge friend expatriated in Australia. Previously singing for Mental Refuse he is now handling Vocals for The Accursed in Melbourne. Also co-editor of Open Your Eyes fanzine.

Based in Melbourne, Australia.


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