Before any introduction or any review, this LP title is too long to type for my lazy ass. Now I unburdened my mind with that, UNIFIED RIGHT is a band I’ve been following for a long time, and I have always been pretty surprised by their releases. It wasn’t the panacea but it was interesting, especially considering how young they were when they started and the level of musicianship they already got.


That being said, I wasn’t expecting a LP to pop up one day at all. Not that they were unable to do so, but after two demos, a promo tape and a 7 inch in four years followed by an off-peak period, I was puzzled so to say. Indeed when there’s a promo tape there’s a LP waiting around the corner, but I didn’t wanted to take that for granted, or maybe I was afraid that the LP stage might be some kind of disappointing to me.

Because if there’s something I learned from “promo tapes”, is that if it’s too good, the LP might not come out well. My best example will always be the RIVAL MOB last LP, with the promo tape being a ripper and the LP, well, meh…


So as a starter, wow. The musicianship on that record broke through the roof. I knew they were good, but the song writing here is impressive, especially for such a “punk” sounding record. And I’m not talking about some good riffs and mosh parts, but intelligent and smooth ways to put parts together, changing time signatures and that kind of stuff, music so to say. Even though there’s a lot of band in our musical scene that do it way better, but considering the relation between their age and the type of hardcore they are playing, it’s really pleasing to listen to, and that was a massive highlight. “Ode To Living” or “Power Core” are the first good examples that come to my mind.

It’s slightly better than your average hardcore band, but without becoming plain boring or artsy. There’s an interesting equilibrium between the raw aggression and a desire to go a step ahead basics.The production of the record is also well serving the songs, there’s a lot of studio effects but it didn’t bother me that much. “Consuming Satisfaction” is a bit off my edge, but it’s the only song that goes “too far” per se.


From almost every people whom I talked about this records with, everyone where praising the lyrics almost unanimously. I won’t say I totally disagree, but it’s a matter of perspective really. Compared to their previous releases, no doubt, it’s way more mature. A giant’s step almost. Songs like “Burning Alive” touched me, it’s poetic and full of images, there’s a huge effort implied in those lyrics. If compared to the previous releases. But I suppose those people grew up in hardcore at a time when bands like HAVE HEART or THE SUICIDE FILES where around, and with their strong TURNING POINT touch, it makes sense to me. I’m not depreciating the writing, since I’m more moved by parable than straight to the point lyrics, but I just think it’s the minimum to be expected in this case. Maybe it sounds hard, but there’s no bashing implied here, I’m just not in awe for words like those when you have bands like FURY or LINE OF SIGHT around. It’s a standard of our time and this type of hardcore, but still, cheers for the effort.


Talking about FURY, this bring me to the cons of this review. This record is definitely a product of its time. It’s not a bad thing per se, but you can definitely hear they have spin FURY’s Paramount or FREE AT LAST’s Embrace You. Of course UNIFIED RIGHT tend more toward the AGNOSTIC FRONT side of late NYHC than the bands forementioned, but that doesn’t cover some cliché from our era. Some riffs really sound like borrowed from FURY, and if it doesn’t bother me, I just think this record will be overshadowed by its inspirations. Indeed, every release doesn’t have to be a change in the game, and actually I tend to believe it’s a good thing to carry the sound of your time, but despite the fact I really appreciate this record, I’m pretty sure that in 5 or 10 years, if I have to define the records that moved me in 2k10′, I might not think of this one right away. Not because I don’t like it, but because its identity is not as singular as the records it takes inspiration from.


To sum up, definitely a top notch release for 2017, especially to finish the year. If you liked the band before, buy it, if you don’t know them and want a record to start with, I recommend this one without any doubt. Good song writing, good lyrics, no filler songs. My only regret is it just blends in its time and doesn’t bring much novelty, even though it blends really, really well.


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Label : Triple B records

Year : 2017

Tracklist :

1.So It Goes


3.Ode To Living

4.Burning Alive

5.Dedicated To The Ones I Love


7.The Lobster Wears A Top Hat

8.Power Core

9.Consuming Satisfaction

10.Cashin’ That Check


FFO : Fury / Turning Point / Agnostic Front

It’s been a few years I haven’t listened to records online before buying them. I’m trying more and more to follow my instincts and pick records depending on the cover, the name of the band, the label. It’s like when playing RPG video games, at first you use cheat codes and walk-through but there’s a point when you really want to play, to get the fun out of it, so you just play and do what you think it’s best.

However, there are​ some bands you can’t go wrong with, you know that record after record you might not get something utterly transcending but you’ll get the same good stuff. If the band is a top notch player, you know you’re going in a good direction anyways. That’s what I call the Obituary effect. Each new Obituary record is always an Obituary record and it’s always great.

Foreseen is totally that kind of bands. When you see “Foreseen” on a record, you know what you will spin, a Foreseen records. No surprise, no embarrassing experiment, just Foreseen.


The band has been really active for the last few years, after a slow but steady start, they found their cruising speed, and it’s a good one. Since Helsinki Savagery, it’s been a record per year. Delivering that thrashing hardcore, taking only the best from the Crossover and Thrash metal elite.

It’s amazing how Scandinavian people always master the Metal and Punk genre more than any other countries, even Americans. For instance, this year another Crossover banger saw the light of the day: Nightmare Logic by Power Trip. Well, even though these two bands don’t play exactly the same kind of music, the Finnish band is way up ahead quality wise. The same goes for Municipal Waste, which are seen as current leaders in that game, but that migh only be because Foreseen is only under Hardcore kids’ radar.


So, you might say there’s no surprise here. Well, musically and writing-wise, not at all. There’s no down tempo or holes in the record, just the regular fast and aggressive Metal influenced Punk they always played. With those crazy solos popping out all the time, head-stomping mosh parts and really well written riffs. There’s a little more heavy metal influences, less “mosh songs” and interludes. I’d say it’s more “to the point” than Helsinki Savagery but there are not too many unsettling novelties either. Also, it’s more for the moshers than the thrashers this time, like the song Bloodline that would turn any emo kid into a crowd killer.

Concerning lyrics, they are still hardcore lyrics, social commentaries, no phony business -even on Suicide Bomber which I was afraid about but was alright after all-, to the point. Just like their music, lyrics were not something to complain about and it’s unchanged on this new record, which is good to me.


That being said, I’m kind of disappointed by the production of this record. Not to the point it becomes a despicable release at all, but if there’s a bad side on this new full lentgth, it’s definitely this one.

First of all, where’s the reverb/delay on the whole thing ? Since when did they stop playing in a cathedral ? I can assure you it changes the atmosphere of the music, it has lost this creepy and gloomy feeling. The sound on this one is more bland so to say. It’s not a pop record either but it’s way cleaner than anything they’ve put out before, a bit too much if you ask me. I think the sound quality and production on Helsinki Savagery, with all the unfiltered parasite noises left there on purpose, fitted more to their music.


Also, solos are more in the background, with less effects and mixed at the same sound level than the rest of the record, while on the previous release they were covering the whole sound and that was way more interesting in my opinion. Maybe it’s a reference to some obscure Metal records that I surely don’t know about but I’m less into it, because this noisy and full of parasites quality was kind of a trademark.

It might be weird to like a song when you don’t understand a single thing about what’s happening but that’s my kind of stuff, and they sort of lost it on this release, but for nothing in return. They just lost something interesting and didn’t replace it somehow, since the music and everything else stayed the same. I don’t want to say Audiosiege had some part in changing their sound but maybe it’s a good clue for that change of production. It’s only a theory!


This LP is definitely a banger for me though! Still good Foreseen stuff that I spin with a lot of pleasure, as always with the Finnish. And one of the best releases of the year for sure, way ahead of any American Thrash Metal/Crossover band. I’m glad there are still bands like these for which I know I won’t be afraid of what I’ll discover when they release new records. Foreseen is still a good pick even though they choose a cleaner path.


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Label : Svart Records / 20 Buck Spin records

Year : 2017

Tracklist :

1.Violent Discipline

2.Chemical Heritage



5.Downward Spiral

6.Grave Danger

7.Government Cuts

8.Suicide Bomber


FFO : 85′ Possessed/Early D.R.I/Overkill



As our boss’ band is going on tour with the Tucson, Arizona’s Powerviolence heavy players, Sex Prisoner for their first European experience, I thought the timing was good to review their latest LP. If one of you European head wants to attend one of the shows and don’t have a clue of what you’re about to witness, it could come in handy.


Powerviolence is a touchy subject for me. It’s among one of my favorite types of hardcore, and like 90’s metalcore, I always try to expend my knowledge as much as possible which turns me into a picky sour grape sometimes. Especially when it comes to LPs.

Writing a Powerviolence LP is a hard task in my opinion. Because unlike “regular” hardcore records, you sometimes have to write twice more songs to make it worth releasing on a 12’’ due to the ridiculously short length of some tracks. Unlike grindcore records, you can’t hide behind the heavy musicianship metal requiries, because in my opinion, that’s what separates grindcore from Powerviolence. Just the same than Metal from Hardcore. In both cases, the point is to avoid being boring, repetitive or worse, embarrassing.

Spazz, Infest and DropDead are for me, the kind of bands that succeeded at reaching that goal without any doubt. As a result they are my point of reference to analyse other Powerviolence LPs. Read here: they found the correct formula to create interesting fast/short music without being sketchy or just plain boring.


The “problem” with Sex Prisoner, is that they are spearheading this new wave of Powerviolence, with big names like Weekend Nachos and ACxDC. It’s an important point to keep in mind since, with their previous records, they changed how this whole genre of hardcore sounds. But on the other hand, they are still a spawn of these 3 aforementioned bands, meaning that with this first LP, they are still on proving ground. They are the craftsmen of the evolution Powerviolence is going through but they also need to confirm they can go past the LP challenge.

Another thing to consider is that their previous releases were on labels like To Live A Lie Records and Bad Teeth Recordings, which in this PV game are already high level labels and an immediate quality seal. This new LP was released through Deep Six Records, which is the kind of labels I trust blindly. With all that in hands, it sounds like an unbeatable success.


To begin with, the name of the LP is great. A reference to Blade Runner is easily grappling me, and it’s the kind of things I could buy even though the band would be unknown to me. At this point, I didn’t even spin the LP yet but I was already hooked.

If this new wave of Powerviolence is reknown for something, it’s for the heaviness, the sludgy down tempo parts and the muddy sound. Sex Prisoner is indeed a prime example of it, since 2009 they are bringing the heaviest guitar sound they can possibly do. But where they differ from other big names in the PV genre is that they still kept a light punk vibe. Compared to Weekend Nachos for instance, you can reckon they tried to incorporate something more than just sheer heaviness. That was their touch, keeping that punk spirit close. Or closer than the others do.

Damn, I wasn’t disappointed there. They put some more mud in the sound while paying a good homage to the classics (read Discharge regarding this LP) which is what I’m waiting for when I see « Sex Prisoner » written on a record. So we still got the blasts, the braindead down tempos and the crust. What could go wrong ?


Let’s say that a track like « Lullaby » is a prime example of being wrong to me. I pay a lot of attention to original ideas, to new stuff coming from outside the hardcore realm and how it’s incorporated. And I have literally no problem with bands taking inspiration from the True Norwegian Black Metal and its tortured riffs, as long as it doesn’t sounds cheap or misplaced. In this case, and as it’s in the middle of the LP, it is puzzling. Once again I admire the effort of trying, but it sound a bit like they weren’t sure of what they were doing and threw it there like “well, whatever happens happens”. Like a chicken manipulating a uranium bar somehow.

That was my opinion until « Church Key » hit me. This might be my favorite song from the LP, because this is typically the kind of things I want to hear on a LP : using influences outside hardcore and nailing them like it’s natural. This intro riff and the following one are amazing. They are well thought out and over all, they don’t sound like second hand “original” ideas. but like they knew what they were doing. Coupled to those classic down tempos, it’s just the perfect combination to create some “yo, we matured” material ; LP material. The downside is that they only tryed it twice and only one of them worked fine.


But, given the fact I can’t deplore any filler song and the general quality of the LP is really high, I easily pass through those little disappointments. Because for me, they nailed it. They nailed the LP trial. They literally set an example for the new generation on how to write modern Powerviolence. Riffs are great. Just heavy enough and avoiding the disgusting ignorant “we play heavy riffs for no reasons” attitude. The quality of the sound production is on point, not too clean but yet pretty understandable.

And the lyrics. You can see Kevin Kennedy tried to step his game up and that’s really interesting if you compare to their other material. I’m also glad they experimented with the sound in general. They made it noisier, gloomier but didn’t fall into the trap of an overproduced record nonetheless.

If I was pretty much optimistic about this record, I’m definitely satisfied with what I listened to. It’s not an “at least I haven’t been let down” release, for me it’s a really good release. It shows that hardcore can evolve and we certainly didn’t go full circle with it, even though there are some little problems here and there with failed experimentations. They definitely didn’t stick to what they knew, or stayed in their comfort zone, and brought some fresher ideas to the mix with this full length. Last year, it was definitely in my top ten, and it’s totally a record that will withstand the test of time for me.


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Label : Deep Six Records / RSR Records

Year : 2016

Tracklist :

1.Final Judgement

2.Shoulders Straight

3.Ghost Hit

4.Loaded Dice

5.Creaking Door


7.Story Time

8.Nos Cadenas



11.Cauldron Of Hate

12.Lamp Lighter Inn

13.Church Key


15.Half Smile



FFO : Crossed Out / Hatred Surge / Infest




“Behold, Have Heart have been brought back from the ashes and shall be known as Free.”

At least it’s how the Boston band were served to me, a reincarnation of the mourned and long lost Have Heart. I don’t want to start a fire here, but it’s not totally true, in fact, it’s more a gentle cross between everything Verse should have done and everything Have Heart shouldn’t have.

It’s not a bad thing what I’m stating here, because it’ll clear the table : don’t expect something supposed to follow Songs To Scream At The Sun, because it is not. It’s a new band, that has to make themselves a name for what they are, a new band. This 7” is pretty much a new tentative to achieve this task, and at first, I was confused.

I was pretty pumped by the demo they released in 2015, it took a different path from what bothered me on the last Have Heart record and I found it interesting to say the least, so I was expecting more for this new release, a step higher if you want, and believe me, I literally felt down at the first spin. The first thing that came to my mind was they were doing the exact same mistake as before, trying to play a heartfelt kind of hardcore, as Turning Point did in the end, but just delivering some cheesy and overly melodramatic gum that is just sticky.

But I didn’t gave up, to appreciate a record, you have to spin it. And there, at this precise moment, I found the whole problem this record got : a filler song. You see, usually on a four tracks 7” EP, it’s pretty hard to put a filler song, as hard as it is not to put some in a 12” LP, because you usually have enough material to choose what you want to put on that said 7”. Well, maybe they didn’t choose the right song, or they were out of ideas, but that “Equity Head” song, just nope. It crystallizes everything I couldn’t bear on Have Heart at the end of their career and it’s actually what bugged me at first because you can definitely hear this song has nothing to do here. But I wanted to be fair, so I played the record multiple times, and I came by the same result !

But what a relief, it just make the other songs way more enjoyable, because if “Equity Head” is as itself everything I couldn’t stand with late Have Heart, the rest of the vinyl is definitely some quality original Free songs, with these bluesy parts and that Outspoken/Undertow intensity. It honestly feels like a good breath of fresh air, you can even hear some influences from their Sweet Jesus project, which is more than welcomed. Indeed the lyrics are on point, thanks to Pat Flynn as always I assume, with “May I Be I ?” being the best of his work to me.

So if this Ex Tenebris EP experience started badly and spawned the ghost of Have Heart’s mistakes, it’s definitely far from that, and I got to admit I’m pretty impressed by this 7” that just build the identity of the band as it was intended to happen. Even though I have to deplore that filler song, it’s easily covered by the quality of the other compositions.


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Label : Triple B records

Year : 2017

Tracklist :
2.Out of Darkness
3.Equity Head
4.May I Be I


FFO : Outspoken / Late Turning Point / Undertow




I’ve first been in contact with No x Thanks from Oklahoma in 2013, mostly because I tried to order a shirt from them and everything went wrong so I never could have it. May 2017, I’ve pretty much lost track of the band for many reasons, but I got back on track when they put out a new shirt lately, a Brotherhood rip off against, which I couldn’t buy so I got to contact the band again and took some time to ask them some quick questions.

It’s Brandon, their singer, who answered me.




I didn’t find much information about you on the internet, so who are you? Who am I talking to?

Yeahhh were probably not the easiest band to find out about haha. This is Brandon, I sing and I guess it was my idea to start the band?


You’ve been a band for a long time, but you don’t seem to have much activity, what keeps you busy in life?

Yeah we’ve been a band for 4 years this month I think. We kind of do a lot for a few months and then we get busy with other bands and life but we always seem to come back together when it feels right. We’re working on new songs for a 7″ on Dog Years Records that will come out eventually haha


What are you other bands by the way?

Life As One, Upright ( the one from Oklahoma not Finland lol) Piece of Mind, I think that’s it at the moment haha


I know the demo was recorded by Skylerand you, are you still the core of the band?

Yeah me and Skyler wrote that demo in his bedroom and we recorded it as two piece because we weren’t sure we could really find a full band of straight edge kids who wanted to be in a youth crew band in Oklahoma haha. Our drummer Drake was the first member we added and the three of us are really the band. Our first bass player Hal moved to Wisconsin but he still hops on a bus to tour with is when he can.



Congratulations for signing on Dog Years Records. How did it happen? Are they cool people? Are you glad? What are you projects with the label?

Thanks! Well I had ordered a few records/tapes from them in the past. The focusedxminds demo and the Modern Pain demo I think? So that’s how I initially knew about them and then we played St. Louis a few times and met Chris and now we’re actually really good friends because he and I are both hockey fans haha anyways we’re going to be putting out a discography tape and a new 7″ EP with them and who knows after that but Jose are the plans currently so keep a lookout for those!


Any tours or big shows in the trunk by the way?

We’ve got some plan for the fall for Texas and the Midwest. Haha our first goal for this band was just to record a demo and play some shows. Then our goal was to release a 7″. Now that we’ve done that our kind of unattainable goal is to go on a Euro tour. It doesn’t seem possible at the moment but are you really a youth crew band if you haven’t toured Europe?


Spirit of 88′? You got a crew and all or it’s more the positive message of Youth Crew of that period of time?

Definitely just the fact that all the best youth crew bands were active and putting out records that year haha it seems like 88-90 was the peak and we’re trying to bring back the spirit of that time period in hardcore.


How was the tour with New Heart?

It was sick! That was our first real tour with this band and they were so cool. Our original bass player played second guitar on that tour too so it was all of our friends hanging out and it was the kind of tour you think about when you imagine one haha not like the other ones I’ve done where everyone kinda hates each other by day two haha.


After Trump was elected you posted a message about “burning down” America. Are you afraid?

I mean I’m a white male so I’m not so much afraid for myself but for my friends and loved ones. I have a lot of Hispanic friends and I’m still really worried about the safety of them and their family member who may not have legal status and also for just women and people of color in America. It seemed like we were making progress over here then the Trump showed that there really is a racist and sexist undercurrent in America. It’s depressing haha.


Does the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) have any impact on the future of the country?

They’re one of the main groups who actually sue the trump administration and fight anti-democratic laws on behalf of Americans. Them and groups like them are the representation we need right now since we don’t have any in our government.


Favorite hockey team? I’ve watched the play off Montreal VS New York, what did you thought of it?

I like the St. Louis Blues!! But our guitar player Skyler and Chris from Dog Years both like the Pittsburg Penguins so they’re my girlfriend team haha I didn’t see much from that series but it broke my bracket because I predicted Montreal to win haha.


Would you rather play in Youth Of Today but be a Trump voter or play in One Life Crew and have to explain it was a joke all the time because in this hypothetical world it’s just a joke?

Uhhhh hahah neither?! I’ll take playing in Youth Of Today and hopefully the lyrics would have some effect and I could be reformed. Or maybe I’d take playing with one life crew and I’d just try to make their lives miserable haha.



Gotta Go Fast


This interview is quite old, I chatted with Mark Boulton, singer of the hardcore band Schackles from Australia, almost 8 months ago. But this time the problem was not linked to my laziness, it was meant to be published in a zine I was doing with a friend and the project just failed. To put it back in context, I saw the band at Fluff Fest last year, I’ve been following them since their LP “Dissolve To Nothing”, released in 2012, and I was curious to witness them live.

I was actually pretty satisfied. It’s exactly what I expect from this kind of band : Fast, raw and aggressive, but still funny. That being said, I knew for sure the band usually had two drummers on stage, but this time there was only one.




How was your trip in Europe this summer ? What did you think about Fluff Fest and Obscene Extreme ? Did you spot any differences ? Are you satisfied about the way people welcomed you here ?

The Europe trip was fantastic, not exactly what I expected, but still fantastic..we’d never done a tour of that size (the longest tour we’d done in Australia was 8 dates) and we kinda threw ourselves into it hoping for the best….When I look back on it, it really is quite a miracle things went a well as they did… Mostly thanks to our driver and the Famine guys though… The only thing i found a bit odd was the lack of local supports on the weeknight shows, which I know is a common thing cause’ there are sooo many bands that come through each town over there… and theres probably not enough supports to fill all the slots, but it kinda felt like the ‘touring band only’ shows would start and then just end. One of the fun parts of touring is watching the local bands…

As far as the fests go both fluff and Obscene Extreme were incredible on many, many levels. In Australia you’d never get away with having festivals like that. We were really lucky And got to spend tons of time at Obscene Extreme  which was a massive highlight of the whole trip for me, we missed the Thursday but we were there for the majority of all the other days…at fluff we only got to spend one night, I wish we’d have gotten to spend more time because there were quite a few bands I would of loved to have seen…but yeah…we had to hit the road again.


What and who brought you here ? Was it complicated to put it together ? Any problems/stories/shoutouts about it ?

Well we agreed to do a split with fissure who toured Europe in 2015 and through them We were put in touch with ondra from Dead Heroes records. Ondra agreed to do the split on DH, help us tour Europe  and put is in contact with Famine who booked the tour and made the whole thing happen. Once Jorge got booking dates it all came together real quick.


You’re a band since at least 2011 if I’m correct. It’s a pretty extended lifetime for a band writing such short and fast songs. Do you all have tons of projects aside Schackles preventing it from being boring or is it your legitimate baby and you don’t want to split because it’s a story made of solid bonds ?

Umm I guess we play a lot and are constantly working on improving which keeps the band interesting. a lot of work goes into song structure and if our songs weren’t executed so fast you’d probably have good 3/4 minute songs that maybe wouldn’t  have typical grind or PV song structures, thankfully though they are played fast and it is what it is .. As far as other projects go, Matt (bass/guitar/backing vocals) has done a ton in the past but is currently only doing shackles and his grind band shitgrinder, Eddie( guitar/bass) Drums in Shitgrinder and does a band called Carnal Urge with me, josh (Drums) does a stoner rock band called Lord Sword and Ben (our other drummer) does blind girls, carnal urge and nerve damage plus a myriad of other stuff.


Why the 6min song though ?

We have a few long songs, the s/t 12″ Ep has a slow sludgy track that goes for well over 5 minutes and the second half of Forced to Regress has quite a few lengthy slow passages.. I personally like messing with longer songs and would like to do more.


Did you have any expectations about this band when you started it ? Nowadays, does it fit with those expectations ?

I didn’t expect to play outside of Byron. The band has been one of the few things in life that has really motivated me to do things in life and get out of my comfort zone as I suffer from pretty bad depression and OCD. There’s been different aspirations/expectations for the band over the time it’s existed but i find thinking to far ahead can be exhausting and it can be better to just take things week by week and just enjoy stuff as it comes, if it comes.

When I saw you at Fluff Fest, you only had one drummer, is the two drummers line up still an ongoing situation ? Isn’t it a total mess when you play as a five members band ?

Yeah we still do 2 drummers when everyone can do it and it works quite well, some of our best shows have been duel drummer shows.


Resist Records, who released your 2014 “Forced To Regress” record, is a pretty huge thing in Australia, even signing I Killed The Prom Queen, and seem to release all the bands around in the country. How was the deal signed and why working with them ? Are they cool people ? Are you satisfied with the deal ? Did they help you with touring and such ?

Graham from resist is great..We didn’t have to sign any deal, they just pay for us to record, let us do exactly what we want  and then put out the recording… We get a bit of help and advice if we ask but Graham isn’t the type of guy  to pressure bands, not bands of our size anyway. I’m not sure what it’s like being one of the bigger selling bands on the roster, but I’m pretty sure it’s pretty much the same deal we have . There is a bit of stuff that’s been on the label in the past that I’m not a fan of, but in more recent times he’s been doing a ton of fantastic stuff, stuff like Crisis Alert and Sect.. And let’s not forget he’s also done records for bands Extortion and Mindsnare.


How was it to play with and meet the people in Famine ? Great band by the way, I dig them a lot.

It’s was great.. Such organised lovely gents and probably one of the best grind bands out right now.. It’s hard to not have fun watching that band. Jorge is one of the most brilliant and hilarious people I’ve met.

Did you have problems to understand the british accent or to understand each others with Famine ? Was it a reason to mock each others ?

Haha nooo their accents were really easy to understand for the most part… Some more rural British accents I think would harder to understand but for the the most part the leeds accent is pretty easy on my ears.. I think our Aussie accents were harder to understand for the brits.


Do you consider Extortion as an influence ? As for me it represent the Australian powerviolence sound, do they have the same impact in your country ?

Yeah they’re a massive influence… I remember when I first saw them in 2008, they were already this super iconic juggernaut of a band and I finally got to see them and they were just so different to most stuff going on in Aus at that time. They were the lone super nihilistic fast band to break into the realm they did in Australia.. And they’ve put aus on the map all over the world when it comes to fast hardcore. Great band

As you played with Magrudergrind, did you spot any differences between the old and the new drummer, aside the fact the first one is Straight Edge and play in Coke Bust which is already a massively good point ? (You can guess I’m pissed about this change yeah).

I never saw them in flesh with Chris Moore drumming, I’ve seen videos though and it’s insane. To be honest though I really like the new Magrudergrind line up and the new record is great.. I can imagine for some of the people who got really used to seeing the band with Chris  that they might feel like it’s not the same, but for me I’m just happy they’re playing shows and putting out  new records.. On the tour we did they mostly played new songs that Casey had written the drums for… So i wasn’t put in the position to hear too many old songs played by the new line up, I can tell you though that they crushed all the new songs  ….I will say this though…it would have been nice to have another straight edge guy on the magrudergrind/Shackles tour…but yeah after Europe I was very used to being that only edge guy in the van.


You used to run a small venue, what led you to open it and do you have any regret about the lease ending ?

Me and a few of the other guys in the band wanted to get a place we could live in and hold DIY shows… There were a few other warehouse venues that had had great shows and we wanted to keep them happening, it took awhile to find a place but we did in early 2012… We held it down for nearly 2 years but building ended up getting sold and we got kicked out.. I miss those times…  but I guess change is part of life.. The main part that’s saddening is that Byron bay doesn’t have punk or hardcore shows anymore and has basically become a another tourist town for the rich and another place crossed off the map for extreme music in Australia. On the bright side though, There is the odd show in a town about 40 minutes west of Byron itself, but it’s really hard to get the sleepy locals motivated and coming to shows. The guys who organise those gigs are great though.


You said you opened the venue to have a place to live and do DIY shows, was it some sort of squat ? Is it something common in Australia ? Does the DIY scene bears the same mentality as in Europe ? Is it as politically rooted ?

It wasn’t a squat, squatting is quite difficult in Australia but there has been decent squats in Melbourne in Sydney. The DIY scene in Australia is mostly pretty political, yes. There’s quite a few Aussies who definitely fetishise the European DIY scene but it’s hard to have the exact same thing going here because we just don’t have the population and it’s difficult export every single political ideology from Western Europe and make them fit our culture snugly…as we’re a different part of the world and we don’t encounter the problems that you guys do to the same degree. we’re really isolated and the fears and tensions you guys have just don’t reach us on the same level . Our DIY venue in byron was more about creating a place where people could come express themselves no matter who you were or what you were going through and that to me was always more important than pushing a political agenda.


If you could open a new place like this, would you try ?

There was a little venue called the compound that was having shows a bit before and a bit after our ware house closed its doors.. It was run by a band called common enemy and it was a cool little venue while it lasted.. If it came down to it id be interested in maybe helping get another place like it up and running… but I don’t know if that would happen in Byron again.

Do you think you lost time or money by being involved in the Hardcore scene like this, and do you regret it ?

Hahah that’s a brutal question.. I don’t know.. You can only do what your compelled to do and stopping this hasn’t really been an option.. I would like to eventually get an education though.


As a Straight Edge guy, don’t you feel alone in this grind scene ?

Yes and no.. I can feel pretty out of place even if I’m surrounded by other straight edge types at times though, so lifestyle choice isn’t the only factor dictating how well I mesh with others. I tend to think there’s good and bad eggs in most groups, whether it be the grind scene, the punk scene or just among normal people… It’s just a matter of seeking out the good eggs . As a straight edge guy I’m quite tolerant of drinking and drugs, besides cocaine… I can’t stand people who take those high horse moral stand points on everything from diet to social justice issues and then go sniff coke.. The drug Which is easily the one with most blood on its hands when it comes to the production and transport of the stuff.


Does the condition of Aboriginal people concern kids in the Australian punk scene? Is it a theme or a subject that some bands talk about ?

Yeah it’s talked about, though probably not as much as it should be, in saying that though i think race is a very difficult thing to talk about, especially now with how polarised things are and how fractured we are on the left. I can understand that some bands might not want to touch the issue in case that in trying to offer help or their opinion they instead offend or misrepresent those who directly suffer as a result of racial tensions. There’s actually a band called Dispossessed from Sydney who play black metalish stuff via the punk scene. They’re sole mission is confronting race issues in Australia from their point of view as indigenous people. They’re super lovely kids.


What was the longest drive you had to do in Australia to play a show ? Did you ever drive more ?

I think the longest drive has been around 17-18 hours. From Newcastle to Adelaide


Are you the one doing all the artworks ?

Yeah I do most of the art by hand and then get creative input from friends who help with the graphic design side of things.


Are you satisfied with the work of Will Killingsworth ? This guy seems to mix every fast bands around.

Yeah he’s amazing. We only worked with him once though. He mixed and mastered out s/t EP.. Would love to get him to mix our stuff again in the near future.


Would you rather be a kangaroo but live in a circus or have to live in a world upside down, with everything you need on your life on the ceiling ?

In the upside down world what would happen when you go out side and don’t have your ceiling to stand on? Is there reverse gravity that sucks you into space? Does everyone else live on their ceiling or just me?


It’s only you let’s have it.

My answer is I’d live on the ceiling haha

Million Days


Last year when I went to the “Kids Will Have Their Say Fest”, I Recover opened the party. Their singer, Daniel, was a guy I was seeing almost everywhere I went, every Fluff Fest, huge shows in Belgium, United Kingdom or Germany. Always with the latest shirts and always pushing the mood to the next level. So I was curious to see him fronting that kinda emo band. I didn’t know his band, nor did any research about it and this bellow is just mostly us chatting.

This interview was supposed to be on my personal Fanzine but I’m lazy, sorry not sorry.


Do you consider your band to be a Give offspring or the DC sound was something you worshipped already ?

I don’t know, I really love Give, they are like one of the best bands to be around nowadays, and they inspired us definitely, but when the guys started the band 2 or 3 years ago, they weren’t satisfied with the vocals, so a year ago they asked me to sing. At first they started as a screamo band, like Comadre and stuff like this, but when I heard the instrumentals for me it sounded really DC Dag Nasty/Rites Of Spring and it was the music I was listening to a lot around that time.

Also, Give’s Electric Flower Circus LP was released at the time we started the band, so for me it was kind of clear to do this kind of vocals.


When you’re on stage you’re moshing and dancing all around, it’s like you’re fronting a Youth Crew band. Do you feel like you don’t fit to the picture sometimes ?

I don’t think so. What I like about hardcore is the different ideas, the different sounds, the different attitudes you can find. Maybe the DC/revolution summer scene was more peaceful or more thoughtful than the New York stuff that came from the streets and the guts. So when it comes to I Recover, I think we are more influenced by a more peaceful or a more communal DC attitude, but for me it’s great to have the possibility to talk about my feelings and mix it with political issues and still being able to share my energy the way I want.



During your set I think there was a Straight Edge song, you talked about being aware and stuff, what was it about ? Did I missed the point ?

First of all, we’re not a Straight Edge band. Only three of us are Straight Edge. The song you’re talking about is Always Aware. For me it’s one of our most important songs, the lyrics are about Hardcore and how it helped me building myself through these many different bands, many different influences, and how it’s so special how you can listen to a record, read through the lyrics and see that someone channelled ideas to talk about personal stuff, political stuff, there’s always a message.

I can listen to stupid metal, and lyrics are just about waging wars, and I don’t care about that stuff, fantasy stuff or whatever. So our song Always Aware is about being aware of the message behind Hardcore and how it’s created on. I tried to share it as my personal anthem on how Hardcore is so special. And when I sing Always Aware it means: be aware of what the scene’s like, be aware of what the lyrics are about.


If someone one day propose you to play in a tougher band, what would you do ?

I think, if someone proposed me to play in this kind of band, if the attitude, the lyrics and the sound are something I can refer to, I’d do it. But like if someone would write sexist or homophobic lyrics, just to create a more violent image, I’d tell them to fuck off and wouldn’t agree to sing in this band.

But I think you can play hard and tough music without being a dickhead. Like Foundation, they are one of the hardest band around and the coolest people on earth, they have this very peaceful and aware message. They are definitely not tough guys.

I think this music is made to channel political stuff, more positive stuff, intelligent stuff, messages that matter. Again, you can’t separate the message and the music. It’s sad to see there’s some bands that are in for the shirts they can sell around and the hard mosh and don’t care about anything.


When you entered the band, did you wiped out all the previous lyrics ?

At first they were a three piece band, and Dan [Guitar] was singing. When they asked me to sing they handed me the lyrics, so I made little changes at first but after some time I totally changed the message so yeah I created something new because they gave me the opportunity to write my own lyrics.


Did they like the changes you made ?

Well I’m not sure if we all have the same ideas about politics or what Hardcore is but I don’t wanna agree with everyone. I don’t want everyone to be the same as I am, I want to be around with friends and share things, and I think that we’re having right now. They give me the freedom to write my own lyrics and share my own ideas.

What’s in the trunk for I Recover ?

We wrote 6 new songs and next week end we are recording them, so there will be a new 7″ in the next few months. [There’s one song out on bandcamp and the record is called Searching For You]


Will you add more personal stuff to the lyrics ?

Since I have more time to write the lyrics and we all have more time to create the 7″ together, we’re practising a lot, the song will be definitely better than the first 7″. So I think I’ll try to add more personal ideas. One song will talk about some guy who I was friend with who broke up this friendship and literally disappeared from my life. A few weeks ago I met him at a show and I was shocked to see him in front of me. This song is about this story.

All the other song will talk about personal stories I try to connect with wider social issues.



Do you think this band is taking too much space in you life ?

It’s taking a lot of space, stealing a lot of time, plus my life is really packed at the moment, mostly because of the university, I’m doing a master, so I have to manage my time between rehearsals, university and my other band Schmutzstaffel. I don’t want to complain because I’m in a really privileged position, being able to tour and stuff, but it’s tense lately.


Would you rather be hit by a bus everyday or have no legs period but don’t feel pain at all ?

What ? aha. Well, get hit by a bus and take the pain everyday, at least I could walk. It’s easier to take the pain aha. It’s the most stupid question I ever heard in an interview. But that’s cool.


Thank you for time and patience Daniel.

Search-BETWEEN THE LINES — Revelation Records —

It was a year ago or two, that Tim McMahon (Singer of Search and mostly renown for having fronted Mouthpiece) asked on Instagram (and maybe other social media) if anyone wanted to start a new hardcore band. I don’t now if Search was born at this moment but apparently he found some friends to mess around. And it’s not “random” friends that answered the call. You got the best New Jersey’s players from the nineties, people from Floorpunch, Turning Point and Resurrection to name their most prominent accomplishment.

With a line up like that, I didn’t have high expectations. Don’t get me wrong, I just mean that I knew it would sound like it was ’97 all over again, and I didn’t get anything more. And I’m totally fine with that, the dudes know their jobs and they do it perfectly. It’s clearly not the record of the year for me, but you got 6 songs between Twin Killing and What Was Said, it’s efficient, it’s not cheesy, perfectly straight forward and it’s on Revelation Records, what else ?

When you’re good at something, keep doing it, sometimes it’s just for the better.

FFO : Do you remember hardcore ? Well they do.


Get the 7″ on the store.


So long to Melbourne hardest

Rebirth90’s Metallic hardcore is a type of sound that was heavily trending the last few years. The impressive thing is that it didn’t affect my love for it. I’m always thrilled as hell when a new contender enter the game. I discovered REBIRTH quite lately, with their Rising Dissent EP they put out on Life.Lair.Regret. Records, and it was hard stuff. The perfect blend of musical braindead brutality and highly intelligent lyrics, just the right thing for me. When I heard about their break up, I immediately regretted not having interviewed them. So I tried to reach them, and I’m thankful for Tyronne to have answered me.


Hi there Tyronne what is up ? First of all, who am I talking to and what are you doing in the band ?

Hey Mathieu, Your talking to Tyronne and I was the founding member and vocalist of the band that was, Rebirth.


What do you do for a living ?

I am a social/ youth worker. I was doing residential care work with children in out of home care (wards of the state) but have recently changed jobs as a youth employment worker. The new job is super cool as I get to help kids 14-24 to secure sustainable employment and provide mentorship through the whole process.


As it’s about your break up, let’s get straight to the point, what happened ?

We had done about 5 years worth of a band squashed into just over two year, so it was crazy for all of us. With losing our original bass player, the dynamic shifted and we decided to end it after continuing on for a time after the Lp was released, while there was life and passion in the band. You know, so we weren’t just squeezing out the sound while our hearts were dead to the project.


Is it a definite break or just a hiatus ?

Sorry to disappoint all you fans out there, it is a definite break up.


Will you reform on a huge festival and state that it’s only a one shot but then record a new LP and tour the world on big tours with, let’s say, Terror or Agnostic Front ? (And I’m not bitter at all about bands doing that. Jk I’m mad as hell)

Haha nope.. We will keep our faith and not stab ourselves in the heart and coke on our words. (We are all huge Foundation nerds hahah). jokes aside, Australia has had some crazy shows and opportunities of those said reunion bands so I should not be too harsh.


On a personal level, how do you feel about the band splitting up ?

Personally I feel that we came to the right decision as all members were and are starting to do our own thing more and more. With our varying age demographic (19-38), life stages and commitments kept conflicting and getting in the way. Such as I needed to go back to study to finish my degree and Rory is moving to Japan to teach english.



Do you have any kind of regret on how it went with rebirth, like you didn’t tour enough or didn’t do something you wanted to ?

I am incredibly proud of what we accomplished and the memories we shared as Rebirth (both good and bad) but I think one thing myself and the others really wanted to do was tour overseas which just wasn’t feasible financially for us. I guess Ill leave that to younger members of the band to tackle in their other projects!


Do you think, on a personal level, you will be able to play in a band that doesn’t carry a socio political message ?

I have always been someone who thinks with morally, empathy and big on social imagination so even if I do other bands, music in the future it will always have some sort of political edge. If I went into a more emotional direction, it would be in a Embrace way.

In my mind, you can’t separate yourself from the society you live in or escape “politics” as these pervade all aspects of out lives (some more so than others due to privilege), I used to think you could separate yourself but Im older now and feel that this is a naive notion.


These political lyrics were a stance because it was nineties sounding hardcore and it’s kind of included in the pack or it was something you really wanted to share, as something you lived with everyday ?

The idea for starting the band came from a lyrical point of view first and foremost. When I posted asking of interest in starting a 90s style band, I had a demos worth of lyrics written about the social issues I was witnessing within Australia. I was tired of feeling ashamed at living in a racist, misogynistic and xenophobic country that felt like it was going backwards with each headline coming out of Canberra.


Why a nineties metalcore sound though ? What were your motivation or inspirations for this project ?

The message was chosen and the music style was deliberate to enhance the medium the message was delivered through. I had tried approaching social justice issues in more of a Youthcrew style in my first band but I needed it to be as angry as I felt so it needed to be heavier to accurately reflect the emotion I felt. The 90s hardcore sound also came with the image of being a very politically driven and lyrically it appealed to how I think and the themes, issues and ideas they tackled.

My motivation for doing Rebirth was basically to channel the anger into a voice and hopefully inspire other people into making change. For many years I had seen the usual “merch and records up the back” spiels and found myself continually wishing more bands were using the platform to rally people together for a cause or talk about challenging harmful cultural norms. From the feedback from people from all over, I feel like we did what I had initially envisioned, even if it was only in a small way.


Aside the band, were any of you involved in political or protest groups or party ?

As a band we did donate a lot of money to smaller charities and always discussed this at length. When we could, most of us would go to a protest or march if we did not have other commitments, (the age commitments really came into play at times). All of us were vegan besides Dave (Vegetarian) and all of course were Straight Edge so we all have aspects of our lives that aim to bring about positive change both personal or external.

I did begin a small food donation initiative called Food Of Today at hardcore/ punk shows which is still ongoing and I have recruited volunteers from other parts of Australia to do the same in their scenes. All the food from the donations goes to asylum seeker/ refugee centres in the local area.


Are you satisfied with your deal with Life Lair Regret records ? Did they let you do whatever you wanted ?

The Lair were always willing to help with what we decided to do and really helped push the band to further places. Without their support we wouldn’t have gotten as far as we did. Sometimes there was disagreements but that’s just the nature of any band/ label arrangment, man at times it can really suck when your in a position of an almost professional setting with friends riding on a fair chunk of money.


As your records were distributed by some label like Carry The Weight records in Europe, why didn’t you tour the old world ?

It was a mind trip to being apart of Carry The Weight Records! Hahah if we could have toured the old world we would have in a heartbeat! It sadly always came back to the realistic nature of being able to afford such a trip. It probably doesn’t sound very punk but when half the band lives independently and has stable relationship/ careers, it’s hard to go off broke and come back in a huge amount of debt then dealing with the anxiety and stress of such a situation.


Is their any project in the trunk for any of you ?

I am currently working on a OC style worship demo and a Rev Summer/ DisChord demo with friends. Ive written the two demos lyrically and am waiting on the last half of riffs. I think these projects will be strictly releases with no live bands. I have decided to take a break from the stage for awhile so I can focus on other hobbies of mine such as my many art endeavours hahah.

What is you best and your worst memory with the band ?

My best memory was touring with Foundation for a week after sourly missing them the first time they toured Australia and the final show, getting hugs and deeply personal thank yous from people I barely know

My worst memory of the band was realising that people will go out of their way to spite you due to standing by your moral convictions of wanting a safe, welcoming enviroment. Oh and cleaning up Dave’s vomit when he toured while barely recovering from pneumonia, we thought he might die on that tour to Adelaide. He is one strong, stubborn bastard, Ill tell you now.


Toe to toe or Carpathian ?

Toe to toe were before my time. Carpathian was my bread and butter as a late teenager, though I never liked the mosh crews.



Would you rather live in a world painted by Dali but it’s a natural catastrophe or only survive by drinking motor oil living in the middle of the desert and be flammable? A least you wouldn’t have to work to survive.

I love Dali so I would choose living in a world that was interrupted by melting clocks and strange, abstract environments. It would be an awesome experience trying to do still life in a world like Dali’s mind.


Any shout out or last word ?

I want to thank every single person who helped contribute to Rebirth as a band. Nothing would have been accomplished is people did not download, buy the records and songs. You helped us make the change we did. And thanks Mathieu for the interview!

Think. Learn. Grow. Give.

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