CLEAN BREAK CLEAN BREAK is Faro's new Straight Edge sensation, formed in the summer of 2013. After a handful of practices, David and Armando decided to record a demo at the band's practice room with the 4 songs they've been working on. The demo was released in August on Tape through Salad Days Records and repressed by Straight & Alert on a 7". In  2014 the band released their 1st proper 7" titled "Face Value" and now they just dropped 6 new tunes !   Behind this new band are Faro / portuguese hardcore veterans who used to play in Broken Distance, Critical Point, Pointing Finger, The New Blood or Pressure.  

Line Up

  • David : Vocals
  • João : Guitar
  • Diogo : Guitar
  • Valter  :  Bass
  • Armando : Drums
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