SEX PRISONER are my favorite US Powerviolence /Hardcore band.  Hailing from Tucson, Arizona these 4 friends are bringing raging Powerviolence to your ears since 2009.  And they take no prisoners, they just smash everything with their short and fast songs reminding Crossed Out, Infest and Despise You mixed with some ignorant and heavy breadowns. The sound is heavy, abrasive, and definitely rife with anger.   After working with notorious labels such as DEEP SIX, TO LIVE A LIVE, RSR or BAD TEETH RECORDINGS they join STRAIGHT & ALERT to release a split record with HARM DONE.

Line Up

  • K. Kennedy : Vocals
  • M. Underwood : Guitar
  • K. Kennedy : Bass / Vocals
  • G. Flores : Drums
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