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Last year when I went to the “Kids Will Have Their Say Fest”, I Recover opened the party. Their singer, Daniel, was a guy I was seeing almost everywhere I went, every Fluff Fest, huge shows in Belgium, United Kingdom or Germany. Always with the latest shirts and always pushing the mood to the next level. So I was curious to see him fronting that kinda emo band. I didn’t know his band, nor did any research about it and this bellow is just mostly us chatting.

This interview was supposed to be on my personal Fanzine but I’m lazy, sorry not sorry.


Do you consider your band to be a Give offspring or the DC sound was something you worshipped already ?

I don’t know, I really love Give, they are like one of the best bands to be around nowadays, and they inspired us definitely, but when the guys started the band 2 or 3 years ago, they weren’t satisfied with the vocals, so a year ago they asked me to sing. At first they started as a screamo band, like Comadre and stuff like this, but when I heard the instrumentals for me it sounded really DC Dag Nasty/Rites Of Spring and it was the music I was listening to a lot around that time.

Also, Give’s Electric Flower Circus LP was released at the time we started the band, so for me it was kind of clear to do this kind of vocals.


When you’re on stage you’re moshing and dancing all around, it’s like you’re fronting a Youth Crew band. Do you feel like you don’t fit to the picture sometimes ?

I don’t think so. What I like about hardcore is the different ideas, the different sounds, the different attitudes you can find. Maybe the DC/revolution summer scene was more peaceful or more thoughtful than the New York stuff that came from the streets and the guts. So when it comes to I Recover, I think we are more influenced by a more peaceful or a more communal DC attitude, but for me it’s great to have the possibility to talk about my feelings and mix it with political issues and still being able to share my energy the way I want.



During your set I think there was a Straight Edge song, you talked about being aware and stuff, what was it about ? Did I missed the point ?

First of all, we’re not a Straight Edge band. Only three of us are Straight Edge. The song you’re talking about is Always Aware. For me it’s one of our most important songs, the lyrics are about Hardcore and how it helped me building myself through these many different bands, many different influences, and how it’s so special how you can listen to a record, read through the lyrics and see that someone channelled ideas to talk about personal stuff, political stuff, there’s always a message.

I can listen to stupid metal, and lyrics are just about waging wars, and I don’t care about that stuff, fantasy stuff or whatever. So our song Always Aware is about being aware of the message behind Hardcore and how it’s created on. I tried to share it as my personal anthem on how Hardcore is so special. And when I sing Always Aware it means: be aware of what the scene’s like, be aware of what the lyrics are about.


If someone one day propose you to play in a tougher band, what would you do ?

I think, if someone proposed me to play in this kind of band, if the attitude, the lyrics and the sound are something I can refer to, I’d do it. But like if someone would write sexist or homophobic lyrics, just to create a more violent image, I’d tell them to fuck off and wouldn’t agree to sing in this band.

But I think you can play hard and tough music without being a dickhead. Like Foundation, they are one of the hardest band around and the coolest people on earth, they have this very peaceful and aware message. They are definitely not tough guys.

I think this music is made to channel political stuff, more positive stuff, intelligent stuff, messages that matter. Again, you can’t separate the message and the music. It’s sad to see there’s some bands that are in for the shirts they can sell around and the hard mosh and don’t care about anything.


When you entered the band, did you wiped out all the previous lyrics ?

At first they were a three piece band, and Dan [Guitar] was singing. When they asked me to sing they handed me the lyrics, so I made little changes at first but after some time I totally changed the message so yeah I created something new because they gave me the opportunity to write my own lyrics.


Did they like the changes you made ?

Well I’m not sure if we all have the same ideas about politics or what Hardcore is but I don’t wanna agree with everyone. I don’t want everyone to be the same as I am, I want to be around with friends and share things, and I think that we’re having right now. They give me the freedom to write my own lyrics and share my own ideas.

What’s in the trunk for I Recover ?

We wrote 6 new songs and next week end we are recording them, so there will be a new 7″ in the next few months. [There’s one song out on bandcamp and the record is called Searching For You]


Will you add more personal stuff to the lyrics ?

Since I have more time to write the lyrics and we all have more time to create the 7″ together, we’re practising a lot, the song will be definitely better than the first 7″. So I think I’ll try to add more personal ideas. One song will talk about some guy who I was friend with who broke up this friendship and literally disappeared from my life. A few weeks ago I met him at a show and I was shocked to see him in front of me. This song is about this story.

All the other song will talk about personal stories I try to connect with wider social issues.



Do you think this band is taking too much space in you life ?

It’s taking a lot of space, stealing a lot of time, plus my life is really packed at the moment, mostly because of the university, I’m doing a master, so I have to manage my time between rehearsals, university and my other band Schmutzstaffel. I don’t want to complain because I’m in a really privileged position, being able to tour and stuff, but it’s tense lately.


Would you rather be hit by a bus everyday or have no legs period but don’t feel pain at all ?

What ? aha. Well, get hit by a bus and take the pain everyday, at least I could walk. It’s easier to take the pain aha. It’s the most stupid question I ever heard in an interview. But that’s cool.


Thank you for time and patience Daniel.


Tieuma used to be writing for DROID x RAGE webzine and Same Shit Different Day fanzine. He played in a few bands in Strasbourg, mostly short living projects, and played bass for Mind Awake from Paris for a little time. Also loves cats and Hello Kitty
Based in Strasbourg, France

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