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EXPOSURE is the latest creation crawled out of mother Mannheims womb. That bloody newborn is ready to screech the shit out of you. The guys just dropped their demo these days and to me personally it´s already the release of the year. Fans of Integrity, better keep your eyes peeled for this, you won´t get dissapointed!
I dragged that Interview with drummer Micha around in my trunk for my printed zine for a while now.
It must be around two years ago, when I saw him the first time behind the drums. It was a non legal, last minute Kids Will Rise gig in a vacant store in the middle of Karlsruhe. Lowest Creature canceled and so his band Cold Case was playing a free show in front of a bunch of young lads. To see his charismatic and passionate acting behind the drumset impressed me.



Exposure under a bridge in Ludwigshafen, July 2017 (pic by flourxpunch)


Micha, could you please introduce yourself? Who are you, where are you from and how old are you?

Yeaaaa boy, my name is Micha, I’m 19 (turning 20 this summer) and I come from Baden-Baden, a town located somewhere in the South-West of Germany.


How did you get in touch with hc punk, or where is your love for music in general rooted?

Tough question you’re asking haha. In my earliest memories I can remember my dad putting Walkman headphones on my ears, when I was just a toddler. Highway Star by Deep Purple was droning right into my ear canal and he basically ruined my whole life, haha, considering it being my first encounter with music in general (let’s replace music with rock’n’roll). A little bit later, at the beginning of my teenage years, I started developing a love for heavy metal music and it’s roots. I didn’t know too much about punk music, but downloading The Exploited and Dead Kennedys through Bearshare could be the first punk thing I did haha. With 14/15 I would start to collect wax, CD’s and cassettes and grew out of my infantile “Only metal” policy. I started to listen to Discharge, GBH, Amebix, Chaos Z, GISM and thanks to punk rock music my mind has opened up for music in general.


In wich bands where/are you involved so far, what became of them? What experiences could you take from playing in those bands. Have these experiences influenced your own sozialisation?

My first hardcore band was Cold Case, but we haven’t even put out a fucking demo. We recycled the CC songs for a project called ‘Corollary’, but right now I’m not sure what’s happening with that material. I’ve been/I am (?) in Contrarian, a band ffo Out Cold, 86 Mentality and lets say, faster hardcore. I’ve been the singer for Declaration, but let’s not talk about that please hahaha. Currently, I have two new projects with the Mannheim dudes and what can I say? I think it’s banging and I can’t wait for it to be released sometime this year.
Hardcore made me realize some things in my life and I’ve learned a couple of lessons aswell. I had a difficult time growing up and I’ve always had difficulties with socialising. Hardcore was like a home to me, basically ‘more than music’. But all that scene bullshit made me realize, that I just want to be myself and think in rational patterns. I don’t want or need to fit in, I just want to be an rational-thinking human being. Don’t take that as an insult, I don’t want people to misunderstand me, but to me punk, for example, is to get rid of dogmatic thinking and overly consumerist behaviour. What I see in especially the German hardcore scene is the complete opposite. I’ve come to the point where I just don’t need any labels anymore. I just love music and enjoy different human perspectives on things.



How did EXPOSURE came together? Like in almost every latest good quality german HC band, this one danish guy we all know is involved (slamming the 6 string here). How is it working with that legend? haha

I don’t want to beat around the bush here, I’m happy that I’m a part of it. Call that a little cheesy, but these guys are some of the most humble human beings I have ever met before and Yannick is just a humanoid riff maschine. He just hit me up like “Yo you wanna play drums in a Integrity style band?” and I couldn’t do anything but agree and do it.
Check out Hikikomori, the pre-Exposure band. Ffo: fast and furious hardcore smashers

Favourite Integrity album?

Systems Overload, that’s for a fact. Banger after banger.


How do you do your Songwriting, what inspires you? What are your influences in musical terms?

Depends on what I want to achieve. In hardcore, I’m mostly the drummer guy. My main goal when playing drums in a hardcore band is to play hard-hitting grooves and slick fill-ins, no cheat beats and no stupid gimmicks. I want people to listen to a demo or a record and think ‘Hell yeah, the drumming is slick’ (or at least original), because that’s the feeling I like to get when I listen to new stuff. And even if you’re not the best drummer on earth, you can still achieve that feeling.


Hardcore 2017. Facebook, Instagram, cyber bullying, cowdfundings for high gloss zines. To me it seems sometimes like lot of people complaing about Hc punk is dying, while conforming their vegan PC arses bloated with double standards on the couch – instead of going to shows, starting bands and shit.. But there are also some people doing it right. I think a part of the german scene is pretty alive these days, what do you think?

My goal is to educate myself and to elevate my mind, these people can sniff their own farts and I’m happy if they’re happy with it
The people that do it right? The people who do it right are all the people that focus on playing good music, putting on good shows and releasing good records. Spreading the disease. No fucking gimmicks. No off-topic bullshit.


Favorite Cro Mags song?

My favorite Cro-Mags song… That’s probably the toughest question I’ve got asked in the last few months. If AOQ was a song, I’d say AOQ because there isn’t a single song I don’t like on this record. It really is the perfect record. It’s a mediocre answer but… I can’t help it.


To me, you are a walking music encyclopedia haha. Any bands you would like to recommend us to listen to? Hc or not.

Haha, I’m honored to hear that. Let’s say rather than just recommending bands I’d like to remind people to never forget that music is an infinite journey and there are plenty of things out there that you can discover. Doesn’t matter if you’re out digging in the crates or spend your time going through YouTube and listening to music you randomly find.
…other than that: check out Sandman from Florida.


Slapshot or Floorpunch?

Another tricky question.
I’d pick Slapshot because of Choke’s voice and I like Choke’s sense of humor. I like Slapshot’s style of hardcore. I don’t know, I like Last Rights and Negative FX a lot and I’m just used to listen to all these records, while Floorpunch is a band that I can only enjoy occasionally. Maybe it’s because I can’t really listen to most of these youth crew revival bands because I just don’t like it. I don’t know.


Thx for your patience buddy! Feel free to add some last inspiring words.

Never let them crush your spirit. Be humble. Live free. Taste the fruit of life.




Cake baker, mosh pitter & drummer noob. Currently working on her print zine FlourXPunch. Book shows in south-west Germany via Kids Will Rise.

Based in Offenburg, Germany

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