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Vegan Straight Edge Youth Crew is quite the mouthful but Fearless from Sydney are looking at breathing new life into a genre that hasn’t had much love in Australia. Their sound is remiss of something you’d find on the early React! Or Livewire records, but what makes this demo stand out, amongst other bands of the style, is the lyrical content; the first song consumer chains discussing the consumerist modern society in which we’re all trapped in, Inhumane discussing the need to protect animal life’s through changing diets and Force for Change being about the need to create a inclusive scene that’s representative of all genders not just males. Overall it’s easily of the best youth crew bands to come of the country in the last few years and worth a listen even if youth crew isn’t normally your thing.

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Michael is our German Straight Edge friend expatriated in Australia. Previously singing for Mental Refuse he is now handling Vocals for The Accursed in Melbourne. Also co-editor of Open Your Eyes fanzine.
Based in Melbourne, Australia.

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