It’s been a few years I haven’t listened to records online before buying them. I’m trying more and more to follow my instincts and pick records depending on the cover, the name of the band, the label. It’s like when playing RPG video games, at first you use cheat codes and walk-through but there’s a point when you really want to play, to get the fun out of it, so you just play and do what you think it’s best.

However, there are​ some bands you can’t go wrong with, you know that record after record you might not get something utterly transcending but you’ll get the same good stuff. If the band is a top notch player, you know you’re going in a good direction anyways. That’s what I call the Obituary effect. Each new Obituary record is always an Obituary record and it’s always great.

Foreseen is totally that kind of bands. When you see “Foreseen” on a record, you know what you will spin, a Foreseen records. No surprise, no embarrassing experiment, just Foreseen.


The band has been really active for the last few years, after a slow but steady start, they found their cruising speed, and it’s a good one. Since Helsinki Savagery, it’s been a record per year. Delivering that thrashing hardcore, taking only the best from the Crossover and Thrash metal elite.

It’s amazing how Scandinavian people always master the Metal and Punk genre more than any other countries, even Americans. For instance, this year another Crossover banger saw the light of the day: Nightmare Logic by Power Trip. Well, even though these two bands don’t play exactly the same kind of music, the Finnish band is way up ahead quality wise. The same goes for Municipal Waste, which are seen as current leaders in that game, but that migh only be because Foreseen is only under Hardcore kids’ radar.


So, you might say there’s no surprise here. Well, musically and writing-wise, not at all. There’s no down tempo or holes in the record, just the regular fast and aggressive Metal influenced Punk they always played. With those crazy solos popping out all the time, head-stomping mosh parts and really well written riffs. There’s a little more heavy metal influences, less “mosh songs” and interludes. I’d say it’s more “to the point” than Helsinki Savagery but there are not too many unsettling novelties either. Also, it’s more for the moshers than the thrashers this time, like the song Bloodline that would turn any emo kid into a crowd killer.

Concerning lyrics, they are still hardcore lyrics, social commentaries, no phony business -even on Suicide Bomber which I was afraid about but was alright after all-, to the point. Just like their music, lyrics were not something to complain about and it’s unchanged on this new record, which is good to me.


That being said, I’m kind of disappointed by the production of this record. Not to the point it becomes a despicable release at all, but if there’s a bad side on this new full lentgth, it’s definitely this one.

First of all, where’s the reverb/delay on the whole thing ? Since when did they stop playing in a cathedral ? I can assure you it changes the atmosphere of the music, it has lost this creepy and gloomy feeling. The sound on this one is more bland so to say. It’s not a pop record either but it’s way cleaner than anything they’ve put out before, a bit too much if you ask me. I think the sound quality and production on Helsinki Savagery, with all the unfiltered parasite noises left there on purpose, fitted more to their music.


Also, solos are more in the background, with less effects and mixed at the same sound level than the rest of the record, while on the previous release they were covering the whole sound and that was way more interesting in my opinion. Maybe it’s a reference to some obscure Metal records that I surely don’t know about but I’m less into it, because this noisy and full of parasites quality was kind of a trademark.

It might be weird to like a song when you don’t understand a single thing about what’s happening but that’s my kind of stuff, and they sort of lost it on this release, but for nothing in return. They just lost something interesting and didn’t replace it somehow, since the music and everything else stayed the same. I don’t want to say Audiosiege had some part in changing their sound but maybe it’s a good clue for that change of production. It’s only a theory!


This LP is definitely a banger for me though! Still good Foreseen stuff that I spin with a lot of pleasure, as always with the Finnish. And one of the best releases of the year for sure, way ahead of any American Thrash Metal/Crossover band. I’m glad there are still bands like these for which I know I won’t be afraid of what I’ll discover when they release new records. Foreseen is still a good pick even though they choose a cleaner path.


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Label : Svart Records / 20 Buck Spin records

Year : 2017

Tracklist :

1.Violent Discipline

2.Chemical Heritage



5.Downward Spiral

6.Grave Danger

7.Government Cuts

8.Suicide Bomber


FFO : 85′ Possessed/Early D.R.I/Overkill




Tieuma used to be writing for DROID x RAGE webzine and Same Shit Different Day fanzine. He played in a few bands in Strasbourg, mostly short living projects, and played bass for Mind Awake from Paris for a little time. Also loves cats and Hello Kitty
Based in Strasbourg, France

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