Morality. An antiquated idea that in life there is a sense of values and rules with which one should live his or her life. A zine. An antiquated way through which information and ideas are diffused from a collective to an individual. New Morality. A zine aimed at continuing to foster the ideas, histories, and connections that have made hardcore and punk an important subculture. This community exemplifies the importance of individuality while maintaining unity, and offers an outlet for angst-ridden youth to channel that aggression towards something bigger than oneself. New Morality is my offering for the continuation of these ideals. I have always been a proponent of supporting the things that you love, and inviting others to be inspired by our experiences. Welcome to the New Morality. NMZ is brought to you by forever hardcore kid, Nick Acosta. He currently lives, teaches and parents in Chicago, USA.


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Latest Issue: Issue #0
ISSUE 0 forgoes band interviews to include articles and resources revolving around important social political issues of today. This is a form of rebellion.

Table of Contents
ROB PETTINATO//Remember, Remember,
The Eight of November
NICK ACOSTA//Educating Youth in the Year 2017
SPLC//The Trump Effect
LAURA DE VOS//Abolish Prisons
CARLOS IZURIETA//Use Your Head, Be Aware,
Give a Fuck
NABIL ORTEGA//Hardcore Is Politics
BRYANNA BENNET//Racial Microaggressions
NICK ACOSTA//There’s No Future In The Future
GREG BENNICK//Our “Mountainish Inhumanity”


All issues have been re-printed and will be up in the webstore, alongside an anthology collecting all four issues and new merch this summer!

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