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Richmond has a long list of good bands in the last one or two decades. This is a interview with Patrick from ME , which I like the most at the moment.




Before you introduce yourself, please tell us, what is the MAD EXISTENCE for you? Is it more the band by itself or the rest outside of the band, what is your personal M-E? When I read the lyrics of the 3rd song on your demo, I assume I could give the answer by myself, but maybe there is a deeper sense?

The Mad Existence is our Day In Day Out struggle against ourselves.


Ok, now a few words about you guys! When did you start the band and who came up with the name?

If I have the story right, the original inception of mad existence began in the summer of 2014 with Russ, Z, and Will Wagstaff jamming. I later joined in summer of 2015 and Connor in the summer of 2016. I came up with the name, it’s a line from Don’t Cry For Me Argentina. Eva Peron shares my birthday and I believe that I am her reincarnate.



What are doing next to band practice, playing shows and hardcore?

We all work various jobs and play in other bands and whatnot. I run a moving company in North Carolina, work at Vinyl Conflict, and am trying to finish my degree. I also take photos which you can see at Connor is a carpenter and also plays in Schiavi, Enforced and a few other projects. Russ lives in the DC area and has an office job. Z delivers food and plays in Nosebleed, Enforced, Sow, and a few other projects.


If the band-members are the JUSTICE LEAGUE…WHO is WHO?

All four of us are wonder woman.


In the beginning of 2015, you released the demo with 5 songs, I guess as a self-release. The promo and your latest self-titled 7” came out via VINYL CONFLICT Recs. How is the cooperation with that label and why VCR?

Alex and Bobby have been friends of the band and fans as well for a long time. We always wanted to be part of the label as a goal since the inception of the band, because we like the local representation that the label has. The connection to Grave Mistake, one of our other favorite labels, makes Vinyl Conflict one of the sickest labels around and I’m always stoked when a new release comes out.

One of my favorite bands like Iron Boots or Victim are from Richmond, how is the current scene in the city, is there a lot going on at the moment?

There are always new bands in richmond, and there seems to be no sign in that stopping. So many people in richmond work day in day out on making it a cooler place with what we have.


If I was going to Richmond for the first time, what would you recommend me to check out? What are the highlights of the city?

Richmond is honestly pretty similar to any other smaller city, with the main difference being that the city as we know it today was largely built by punks and hardcore kids. Many of the local businesses are affiliated in some way or another and it is rather inescapable. With that being said, go to Vinyl Conflict records.


Not so long ago, Hard Stripes played their last show in the Warehouse. If you guys went to the show, how was it and is it a big loss to you?

I personally couldn’t make it the show, but connor and Z played with them for the last show. They haven’t played a lot locally for the last year, and I think most of the members have moved on to bigger projects. While Hard Stripes was very influential in the start of Mad Existence, all good things come to an end, and it’s best to keep moving.


So, back to the band. Usually each band-member has different tastes in music, but which bands influenced ME?

Basically the late 2000’s era of Richmond and DC hardcore, bands such as wasted time, 86 mentality, Striking Distance. Also NYHC like SOIA and Agnostic Front


What is the next step for the band? Maybe a new EP or anything else?

We are playing some shows locally this summer. Maybe doing a weekend or two, we’ll see. Recording new EP hopefully in August.


At the moment, there are plenty of brilliant bands in the U.S Hardcore scene, and I guess when we take a look at the latest political events in your country, we can assume a lot more bands will continue to pop up within the next months. Thousands of demos flooding the internet every months… so here is my question: what do you think about the fact it’s so easy to get involved into such a scene today, thanks to / because of internet? You can join another scene everyday without any efforts…

It is what, it is. I can’t change the kids, you just gotta keep rolling on in the environment you exist in.



Is there a special band you would love to tour with at the moment?

Guilt Parade from DC and Curbed from Broward.


What is your favorite euro-band?

Justice is a really big influence to how I write lyrics and what I want vocals to sound like. I wish I had seen them a few years ago in Wilkes-Barre, but alas.


Few sentences about the song “My Richmond”!

Bad song, stupid lyrics.


Any last words? Is there anything you would like to add to the interview, please do it!

Free Van. Hardcore is about music not drama. Don’t trust yourself. Humanity is wack, but still give it everything you’ve got. Listen to the PEACE comp and Supertouch.

Thank You!


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Michael is our German Straight Edge friend expatriated in Australia. Previously singing for Mental Refuse he is now handling Vocals for The Accursed in Melbourne. Also co-editor of Open Your Eyes fanzine.
Based in Melbourne, Australia.

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