New records in stock !

Loads of new records in today : new FIREBURN, TURNSTILE, TRAILS OF LIES, JUKAI, BERTHOLD CITY, DISCREPANCY and 86 other references.

Full list :

100 Demons – ST [LP]
108 – Threefold Misery [LP]
All Out War – Hymns Of The Apocalypse [7″]
7 Seconds – Walk Together, Rock Together [LP]
Agnostic Front – Warriors [LP]
American Nightmare (Give Up The Ghost) – Year One [LP]
Angel Dust – Rock The Fuck On Forever [LP]
Backtrack – Lost In Life [LP]
Backtrack – Bad To My World [7″ Flexi+Fanzine]
Bad Religion – Stranger Than Fiction [LP]
Bane – Don’t Wait Up [LP]
Berthold City – Moment Of Truth [7″]
Bitter End – Guilty As Charged [LP]
Booze & Glory – London Skinhead Crew [RSD] [LP (Diecut)]
Cross Me – Forever Cursed [LP]
Cutting Through – A Will To Change – Transparent Blue [LP]
D.C Disorder – Naive To A World [7″]
Decline – Own Your Words [7″]
Defeater – Abandoned [LP]
Discharge – Never Again [7″]
Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing [LP]
Discharge – Why ? [LP]
Discrepancy – Thoughts Are Things [7″]
Dogchains – Give / Take [7″]
Down To Nothing – Unbreakable [LP]
Expire – Pretty Low [LP]
Eyehategod – Take As Needed For Pain [LP]
Eyehategod – ST [LP]
Fireburn – Shine b/w The Controller [7″]
Forced Order – Vanished Crusade [LP]
Gang Green – Skate To Hell b/w Alcohol [7″]
Gang Green – Another Wasted Night [LP]
Gatecreeper – Sonoran Depravation [LP]
Get The Most – Together [LP]
Get The Shot – No Peace In Hell [LP]
Harms Way – Rust [LP]
Harms Way – Blinded [LP]
Have Heart – Songs To Scream At The Sun [LP]
Incendiary – Crusade [LP]
Inside Out – No Spiritual Surrender – Gold [7″]
Integrity – The Blackest Curse [LP]
Integrity – Live In Rome 1992 [CS]
Jesus Piece / Malice At The Palace – Split [7″]
Judge – Bringin’ It Down [CS]
Judiciary – The Axis Of Equality / Demo ’14 [LP]
Jukai – Prologue [LP]
Madball – Demonstrating My Style [LP]
Mindforce – ST [7″]
Modern Life Is War – Witness (10th Anniversary Edition) [LP]
Municipal Waste – Waste ‘Em All [LP]
Nails – Unsilent Death [LP]
NOFX – Hepatitis Bathtub [7″]
Power Trip – Nightmare Logic [LP]
Praise – Leave It All Behind [LP]
Propagandhi – Victory Lap [LP]
Racetraitor – Invisible Battles Against Invisible Fortresses [7″]
Rot In Hell – As Pearls Before Swine [LP]
Shai Hulud – Hearts Once Nourished With Hope And Compassion [LP]
Shai Hulud – A Profound Hatred Of Man [LP]
Shelter – Attaining The Supreme [LP]
Sick Of It All – Just Look Around [LP]
Slapshot – Sudden Death Overtime [RSD] [LP]
Slayer – Haunting The Chapel [LP]
Sleep – The Clarity [LP]
Snapcase – Lookinglasself [LP]
Stick Together – No More Second Chances [LP]
Stigmata – Conditioned To Murder [LP]
Suicidal Tendencies – Still Cyco After All These Years [LP]
Trail Of Lies – W.A.R [LP]
Trapped Under Ice – Stay Cold [7″]
Trapped Under Ice – Demo 2007 [7″]
Trapped Under Ice – Big Kiss Goodnight [LP]
Turnstile – Nonstop Feeling [LP]
Turnstile – Time & Space [LP]
Twitching Tongues – In Love There Is No Law [LP]
V.A – A Fist Full O’ Hits – Compilation [RSD] [LP]
Verse – Aggression [LP]
Warzone – Don’t Forget The Struggle Don’t Forget The Streets [LP]
Youth Of Today – Break Down The Walls [LP]
Youth Of Today – Can’t Close My Eyes [LP]
Youth Of Today – We’re Not In This Alone [LP]


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