News of the week #36

Plenty of new cool records this week with the official release of the BURN LP (3 colors available),  TURNOVER new full length, a repress of SHIPWRECKED LP available on Gold or Blue, BREAK AWAY LP, SELF DEFENSE FAMILY 12″, AGNOSTIC FRONT Live LP limited to 444 copies and eventually the debut 7″ by RAGE that I’m putting out in Europe (Australian version on RESIST records).

Along with loads of restock.



Burn – Do Or Die [LP]


“Do or Die” is the highly anticipated new album from Burn. The album was engineered by Kurt Ballou (Converge) at God City Studios and mastered by Howie Weinberg (Slayer, Public Enemy, Sonic Youth). As a whole this 10 song album is a melding of infectious melody, hook laden groove, and raw hardcore emotion. An invigorating modernization and continuation down the path these visionaries forged alone two decades earlier.

Available on Cream / Black Mix (Indie Exclusive) LTD 1000 (1st press), Light Yellow / Oxblood LTD 500 (2nd press) or Black (1st press)


Get it here

Turnover – Good Nature [LP]


Front man Austin Getz doesn’t blink when asked to sum up Turnover’s third full-length, Good Nature. “Learning,” he replies. “This whole record is about learning. Opening your eyes to new things, going out- side of your comfort zone, and learning to grow into something new.” The album’s unique blend of musical and spiritual growth is immediately audible on the opening track, “Super Natural,” a late-summer idyll of intertwined guitar parts and laidback vocals. Listening to how the leisurely “Nightlight Girl” melts into a more propulsive selection like “Breeze,” and the way Good Nature flows together as a seamless whole, it’s also evident that the foursome has been paying closer attention to how artists from earlier eras made full-length albums: the range of textures, tempos, and dynamics on Good Nature are infuenced in part by bossa nova, cool jazz, electronic music, and psychedelic grooves.


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Shipwrecked – The Last Pagans [LP]


“Lifting weights to early Taang – X-Claim the north with our northeast sound. Hard Rock on steroids, we injected rage, High Voltage Hardcore – A Powerage.” These words are taken from “Fast Violent Noise”, the opening track on the new Shipwrecked album entitled “The Last Pagans” – their only and last full-length recording. The quote says a lot about this record, the motives behind Shipwrecked, and its aging horde. The LP – 21 songs in total – is a relentless assault on the eardrums from start to finish. Take-no-prisoners hardcore forged in the fires of old Boston, early England and heavy metal sounds that will leave you thirsting for more. “Fast violence, baby, forever wrecked.”

Available on Gold or Blue


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Break Away – Cross My Heart [LP]


Richmond hardcore torchbearers BREAK AWAY are back with their sophomore LP, Cross My Heart, available now from REACT! Records. In a scene dominated by seasonal acts and disposable demos, where releasing even one full length is a noteworthy achievement, Break Away have established themselves as a focused, prolific and stalwart band dead set on leaving a lasting impact. On Cross My Heart, Break Away delivers exactly what you’d hope from a true straight edge hardcore band– power, speed, and passion. Vocalist Ace Stallings explores the enduring duality of hardcore, the balance of aggression and introspection, asking “was I made for war, or made to create?” If Cross My Heart is any indication, the answer is both.

Available on Black or Transparent Yellow


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Self Defense Family – BBC Session [LP]


In December 2014, Self Defense left a show in Glasgow, drove overnight to the BBC studio in Maida Vale, and loaded in. The band recorded four songs in the style they were performed on that tour, rather different from their album versions. Slower, faster, longer, shorter, less busy, more intricate, the songs all take a step away from their origins and land someplace arguably more exciting. In the intervening years, this session became a holy grail of sorts for Self Defense fans, with low-quality rips being offered on fileshare networks. Deathwish Inc is proud to finally give it a vinyl release.


Get it here


Agnostic Front – NYC Stompin’ Crew Live In ’85 [LP]


Raw and powerful live recordings from 1985! This edition is limited to 444 copies.


Side A: A1. Society Sucker A2. Bomber Zee A3. Blind Justice (with Freddy) A4. Toxic Shock A5. Out For Blood A6. United & Strong A7. Power A8. Crucified

Side B: B1. Existence Of Hate B2. Traitor B3. Hiding Inside B4. Fascist Attitudes B5. The Eliminator B6. Growing Concern B7 Your Mistake B8 Time Will Come


Get it here

V.A. Starting From Zero – Compilation [LP]


34 tracks by 24 bands from all over the world: Dogends (USA), Times Together (UK), Injustice System (USA), Crucial Section (Japan), Commitment Crew (Sweden), Zero Progress (USA), Reproach (Belgium), Sex Drive (Netherlands), Right Idea (USA), Snob Value (Germany), Echoes (Netherlands), Isolation (Germany), Seein’ Red (Netherlands), Salad Days (Germany), Clocked Out (Scotland), Burial (Germany), Night Prowler (Canada), Evolve (Norway), Eye-Gouge (Australia), Sniffing Glue (Germany), Become (USA), Citizens Patrol (Netherlands), Skaggs (Germany), Vitamin X (Netherlands). Comes with a huge 12-page booklet!


Get it here

Rage – Feel The Burn [7″]


With the release of “Feel The Burn”, Rage aim to deliver 5 cuts of slamming hardcore punk, influenced by American hardcore greats, British punks and Australia’s hardest bands. Initial production of the record was handled by Blake Ohlback (Choke, Homesick) and the record was then mixed by Chris Corry (No Tolerance, The Rival Mob) before being mastered by Dan Randall (86 Mentality, The Flex).

Available on Preorder cover / Red wax LTD 100, Regular cover / Black wax LTD 100 or Regular cover / Black wax LTD 500


Get it here

Also, all the following releases have been added to the store. Get them all here.


108 – Threefold Misery
Angel Dust – A.D
Angel Dust – Rock The Fuck On Forever
Bitter End – Illusions Of Dominance
Break Away – Face Aggression
Breakdown – Runnin’ Scared
Circle Jerks – Gig
Converge – All We Love We Leave Behind[2ble LP]
Deafheaven – Roads To Judah
Eternal Sleep – The Emptiness Of
Eyeball – More Days To Come
Get The Most – ST
God’s Hate – Mass Murder
Incendiary – Cost Of Living
Insurance Risk – Violence In Our Minds
Integrity – The Blackest Curse
Mainstrike – No Passing Phase
Mainstrike – A Quest For The Answers
Mindset – Leave No Doubt
The Beautiful Ones – Jaded Love
Think Twice – Unrealized
True Love – New Young Gods
Violent Reaction – City Street [US PRESS]



All Pigs Must Die – Curse Of Humanity b/w Extinction Is Ours
Arms Race – Gotta Get Out [US PRESS]
Cold World / War Hungry – Split
Insurance Risk – How Much More
Mindset – Nothing Less
Sportswear – It Runs Deep
True Blue – The Ice
True Colors – Consider It Done



Insist – Demo
Turnover – Good Nature



Voice Of A Generation + Sportswear – Issue 2 + demo [Fanzine + 7″]




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