News of the week #38

A bit less new stuff this week but still some pretty cool items. The new book by ROGER MIRET “My Riot”, a sick demo by Southern California’s youth crew band WISE, a new 7″ by Belgium’s thrasher REPROACH, the new SPIRITS and DECLINE records on tape version and a few more.



Roger Miret : My Riot [Book]


Gangs of New York meets Mean Streets in this riveting memoir about surviving the treacherous 1980s Lower East Side and finding refuge and a life in music. Filled with danger, drugs and abrasive music, My Riot is the definitive insider account of the volatile New York Hardcore scene of the early 1980s. With Roger Miret as front man, legendary band Agnostic Front’s focused fury and aggression defined the times, influenced many and continue to resonate today.

304 pages (incl. 8-page color photo insert )


Get it here

Wise – Demo ’17  [Tape]


4 song demo from Southern California’s very own Wise. 80’s / 90’s influenced youth crew with the best sound / production a band playing that style can have in my opinion. Hardcore for the youth, by the youth and for fans of OUTSPOKEN, CHAIN OF STRENGTH, HARD STANCE, TRIAL and so on.

Tapes limited to 100 copies.


Get it here

Reproach – Despair/Shittown [7″]


New release by these unstoppable, thrashing hardcore maniacs from Belgium. Six new songs full of anger, frustrations and disgust. Hardcore. For fans of Boston Strangler, Negative Approach and Infest.


Get it here

Break Away – Flexizine [7″ Flexizine]


This release with RVA’s very own Break Away is the first in the Undertone FlexiZine series. Paired with the flexi is an 8-page full-color zine that features photos, interviews with the band, as well as write-ups about the featured songs and writing process.

Limited to 250.


Get it here

Primitive Blast – ST [7″]


A long time in the making, Sydney’s hardest Primitive Blast are finally releasing their debut 7″. The follow up to the band’s 2015 split with Controlled. Features two tracks that were featured on the band’s “Two Song Promo” tape, released in late 2016 for the band’s tour with Angel Du$t, and three other new slammers. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Elliott Gallart at at Chameleon Sound (Ill Natured, Controlled, Cursed Earth).

FFO : Slaming hardcore punk / Boston hardcore / NWOBHC


Get it here


Decline – Own Your Words / Demo 2014 [Tape]


Chicago Straight Edge!. Their new 7″ called “OWN YOUR WORDS” will be out on NEW AGE records. It features on this tape along with their “DEMO 2014”. So 12 songs on one tape!


Get it here

Spirits – Unrest [Tape]


UNREST is comprised of 12 songs that collectively push the sonic boundaries of the band outwards in numerous directions while still maintaining a strong foothold on our melodic punk-hardcore roots. The production on the record is a massive leap forward compared to previous releases and it is widely apparent that we took our time trying to get this release right after you give it a listen. UNREST clocks in at 24 minutes and 37 seconds listening time and is packed with everything you’d expect from a follow up to Discontent… hard hitting, no-nonsense, lean punk/hardcore songs that take you on a roller coaster ride of tempos, emotions, and lyrical themes.


Get it here


Also, all the following releases have been added to the store. Get them all here.


Culture – Born Of You
Sai Nam – Crush
Raw Power – Inferno
Barrel Kick – From The Past…To The Future


Cold As Life – Suffer / For The Few





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