News of the week #22

Yo ! Plenty of new records and reading material this week including the new HIGHER POWER 12″, LIFE’S BLOOD repress on 12″/Tape, the awesome DVD THE NYHC CHRONICLES, the three TRIPLE B’s latest releases, UK’s new straight edge band FIRM LAW STANDING and a lot more.



Higher Power – Soul Structure [LP]

Higher Power - Soul Structure


HIGHER POWER shound’t need an introduction anymore. Hailling from UK, they’ve been growing and growing to become one of the most appreciated European bands with their very particular blend of NYHC, 90 metal and grunge.

This is the new release everyone is talking about.


Get it here

Life’s Blood – Hardcore A.D. 1988 [LP/Tape]

Life's Blood - Hardcore A.D. 1988


Life’s Blood was a legendary, short-lived band from New York City. Formed in 1987, Life’s Blood played 20 shows and recorded two radio shows, a demo at Don Fury and one 7″, “Defiance,” released on Combined Effort Records, and appeared on the seminal “New Breed” tape comp in 1988. Prank records had the awesome idea to put these recordings on a 12″ / Tape / Cd and put it out again.


Get it here

The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film [DVD]

The New York Hardcore Chronicles Film [DVD]


Director’s DREW STONE (Antidote, xxx All Age xxx director ) did another great piece of work with that DVD documenting one of the most important music scenes in the world : 80’s NYHC.

“My intention is not to make a film documenting the history of New York hardcore, but to tell the story in an episodic format with the thread of New York hardcore running through it.”


Get it here

Abuse Of Power – When Then Becomes Now [7″]

Abuse Of Power - When Then Becomes Now


After a debut 7″ on NEW AGE records, Abuse Of Power are back with “When Then Becomes Now” on Boston’s Triple B records. 5 songs of sick 80’s/90’s influenced youth crew for fans of Outspoken, Chain of Strength, and Resurrection.


Get it here

Protester – Hide From Reality [LP]

Protester - Hide From Reality


That’s one of the records I was waiting for the most this year. It took forever to arrive at S&AHQ but I finally have it. Connor and his team are back after a KILLER debut 7″ and a second one I enjoyed a bit less. This “Hide From Reality” bring my faith in the band back.  10 tracks of Boston influenced hardcore. For fans of NO TOLERANCE, FREEDOM, PROTESTER, CONFRONT.


Get it here

Violence to Fade – Unstoppable Force [LP]

Violence to Fade - Unstoppable Force


UNSTOPPABLE FORCE is the first full length record from New England Straight Edge powerhouse VIOLENCE TO FADE. Taking pointers from the reverb drenched sound of the late 80’s NYHC scene, VIOLENCE TO FADE bring to mind the classic styles of KILLING TIME, REST IN PIECES, and SICK OF IT ALL while still maintaining their own modern presentation. You can’t go wrong with TRIPLE B records.


Get it here

Civic Duty – Burden of Hate [7″]

Civic Duty - Burden of Hate


Civic Duty features members of Fury, Protester, Pure Disgust, Red Death, Clear and more. This 7″ is bad fuckin ass and features 9 killer tracks! I love that kind of vocals. For fans of FREEDOM and moshing punk hardcore. TRIPLE B records again.


Get it here

Firm Standing Law – Unashamed [7″]

Firm Standing Law - Unashamed


Debut 7″ from the UK’s FIRM STANDING LAW. 4 tracks of no frills Straight Edge hardcore in the vein of xChorusx, Judge, Undertow, Strife. Featuring members of Payday, XrepentanceX, Sectarian Violence. I dare you to listen to the first bass line and tell me it doesn’t sound like JUDGE.


Get it here

Warzone – The Victory Years [LP]

Warzone - The Victory Years


Another sick repress. Warzone’s “The Victory Years” is a tribute to the years that the veteran New York City hardcore punk act spent with Victory Records.


Get it here
Stand Off – Behind The Wire [7″]

Stand Off - Behind The Wire


Stand Off returns with this, their final recording. Six tracks of hardcore from the nation’s capital brought to you by members of Red Death, Pure Disgust, Line Of Sight and too many more bands to mention. For fans of 80’s / 90’s youth crew like Chain Of Strength, Outspoken, Hard Stance, Turning Point and so on.


Get it here

Jesus Piece / Malice At The Palace – Split [7″]

Jesus Piece / Malice At The Palace - Split


Jesus Piece and Malice At The Palace are teaming up with Bridge Nine to release a new split EP. Jesus Piece kicks the split off with two brutally heavy and discordant, metallic hardcore anthems. Malice At The Palace, fresh off an LP released by Six Feet Under, is back with two new songs continuing to perfect the ’90s hardcore sound they’re known for.


Get it here

Despise You / Coke Bust – Split [7″]

Despise You / Coke Bust - Split


Another split in a different genre. Two of America’s premier blasters come together on this split that pits the Los Angeles, CA, classic powerviolence masters Despise You with Washington, DC, pummellers Coke Bust.


Get it here

Gutter Groove – Issue 2 [Fanzine]

Gutter Groove - Issue 2


Finally the new issue is out! Featuring All Out War, Weekend Nachos, Foreseen, Malice At The Palace, Lodges, True Colors and Integrity, plus the usual extra-spice. 32 pages, A4, black & white. Written in English and imported from Denmark.


Get it here

Straight Edge – A Collection Of Interviews – Volume 2 [Fanzine]

Straight Edge - A Collection Of Interviews - Volume 2


Here is the second issue of this fanzine from New Zealand dedicated to The Straight Edge. This issue features 39 interviews with people all around the world living a Straight Edge lifestyle.


Get it here

Harm Done merch

Eventually we just restock 2 Harm Done desgins and put a new one up for sale.


Get them here

Harm Done - Abuse / AbusedHarm Done - LongsleeveHarm Done - Endless Fall

Also, all these new releases have been added to the store. Get them all here.


At The Drive In – In-Ter A-Li-A
Despair – Four Years Of Decay 1994-1998 [2ble LP]
Earth Crisis / Snapcase / Strife – The California Takeover …Live
La Dispute – Tiny Dots
Stigmata – Hymns For An Unknown God


Brave Out – Growing Distance
Defeater – Still & True b/w Let Me Down
Fire & Ice – Flex
Fit For Abuse – The Psycho Ray Sessions
Fit For Abuse – Too Little, Too Late
Krimewatch – Machismo b/w New York Nightmare
Misled Youth – Excuse For Existence



Adolescents – ST
Agent Orange – Living In Darkness
Bad Brains – ST
Basement – Colourmeinkindness
Battalion Of Saints – Second Coming – 180g
Blind Justice – Undertow
CIV – Set Your Goals
Cloak/Dagger – I Want Everything
Cock Sparrer – Forever
Coke Bust – The Early Years
Comeback Kid – Die Knowing
Dag Nasty – Can I Say
Descendents – Everything Sucks
Descendents – SpazzHazard
Descendents – Hypercaffium Spazzinate
Discharge – Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing
Discharge – Why ?
Drawing Last Breath – Final Sacrifice
DYS – Brotherhood – Colored
Faith / Void – Split
Fugazi – ST
Give – Electric Flower Cult
H2O – Use Your Voice
Hatebreed – Satisfaction Is The Death Of Desire
Insted – Proud Youth : 1986-1991 [2ble LP]
Integrity/Power Trip – Split
Magic Circle – Journey Blind
Magrudergrind – II
Mizery – Absolute Light [US PRESS]
Negative Approach – Tied Down
Negative Approach – Nothing Will Stand In Our Way
Poison Idea – War All The Time
Poison Idea – Calling All Ghosts
Renounced – Theories of Despair
Rotting Out – The Wrong Way
Suicidal Tendencies – ST
Turnover – Peripheral Vision
V.A – New Breed Tape Compilation – Compilation [2ble LP]
V.A – New York City Hardcore: The Way It Is – Compilation
Youth Of Today – We’re Not In This Alone
Youth Of Today – Break Down The Walls


Abuse Of Power – ST
Agnostic Front – United Blood
Agnostic Front – Police Violence
Antidote – Thou Shalt Not Kill
Cause For Alarm – ST
Concealed Blade – Demo 2015
Countdown – Demo
Culture – 2015
Disgrace / Harness – Split
Drawing Last Breath – Hymns of Suffering
Ecostrike – Time Is Now
Forced Order – Retribution – Grey Marble
Forced Order – Retribution – Burgundy
Freedom – Pay The Price
G.L.O.S.S – Trans Day Of Revenge
Inside Out – No Spiritual Surrender
Last Rights – Chunks b/w So Ends Our Night
Minor Threat – First Demo Tape
Minor Threat – Salad Days
Mizery – Survive The Vibe
Project X – ST
Protester – ST
Red Death – Deterrence b/w Empty Shell
Response – There’s No Choice
Shipwrecked – ST
Strife – Demo Days
Turnstile – Move Thru Me
Uniform Choice – 1982 Orange Peel Sessions


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