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I’ll try to do this every week or so but last weekends have been pretty busy. Anyway, there are plenty of new records again this week including the very first official vinyl pressing of DMIZE 12″, FREE debut 7″, INSIST 7″ on REACT! records,  a new AGNOSTIC FRONT 7″ and a lot more.





Dmize from New York City is considered like the very first official DMS band. John (first vocalist), Chiqui Rodriguez (second vocalist), Hoya Roc from Madball, Richie Nagle, Rob “Beto” Rosario and Steve Pettit from 25 Ta Life formed the band in the late 80’s and set a new landmark for the future of NYHC. Eventually this masterpiece is officially available on 12″, limited to 500 copies. 12 songs of pure NYHC. For fans of 25 Ta Life, early Madball, Breakdown, Stigmata.


Get it hereFree – Ex Tenebris [7″]


FREE from Boston comes back with a top notch debut 7″ on Triple B records. The band features almost all the members from Have Heart so you know what to expect. 4 bangers not that far from Have Heart and 90’s youth crew hardcore. Get into it.


Get it here

Insist – Here & Now [7″]


In a match made in youth crew heaven, REACT! Records and Manchester’s INSIST have joined forces to usher in a new era for the genre with their debut EP, “Here & Now.” This 5 song EP is everything I dreamt it would be, and exactly what you’ve been searching for. Aggressive and passionate, Here & Now is (instant) classic straight edge hardcore played with untouchable style. No one is doing it quite like INSIST does it. Roger, Jack, Tom, Ross & Paolo. The future is here, get it now!


Get it here

Agnostic Front – Iron Chin [7″]


Originally written by AGNOSTIC FRONT, the anthem “Iron Chin” was gifted to, and made famous by the legendary The Bruisers. For the release of “Oi! Ain’t Dead 5 – U.S.A. Attack!” (Rebellion Records) the NYHC pioneers finally recorded their version of this scorcher and, once again, it became an instant hit! As a fan-service, Agnostic Front and Strength Records decided to make it an individual release, include killer artwork by Ramon GD and add live-favorite “Blitzkrieg Bop” to the B-side for a limited, you know it will be gone soon, 7”!


Get it here

Eyes Of The Lord – Call It War [LP]


The debut 12″EP featuring former 100 demons vocalist Bruce LePage along side members of Twitching Tongues, God’s Hate and The Midnight Sons. The name of the band pretty much announces what you can expect. FFO : 100 Demons, Integrity, Twitching Tongues, Ruckus, Disgrace etc


Get it here

Aggression Pact – Instant Execution [7″]


Aggression Pact deliver their first recording as a full band and bring another tight wound EP of tuneful USHC in the mold of classic bands like N.O.T.A. and C.I.A. This time around they bring a fuller sound, with a twin guitar attack, and a more cohesive song writing approach, all held together by the inimitable glue of Mark Shubert’s patented Jerry A meets Mark Sheehan growl. ABSOLUTELY THE MAIN EVENT.


Get it here

Clear Focus – Demo 2017 [Tape]


CLEAR FOCUS brings Buffalo Straight Edge back on the map. 4 anthems of classic straight edge youth crew taking cues from Mindset, Chain Of Strenght, Have Heart, FocusedxMind or Ten Yard Fight.


Get it here

Clear Focus – Self​-​Inflicting Damage [Tape]


Same band, different songs ! 3 new tracks

Get it here

Killing The Dream – Lucky Me [LP]


California’s Killing The Dream were an inspiring and passionate hardcore band. Embodying the same positive emotion found in contemporaries Comeback Kid and Bane, their approach also paid tribute to legends Unbroken and Chain Of Strength. Recorded by Zach Ohren and Pat Hills, “Lucky Me” showed Killing The Dream in the grips progression. They inject hook laden melodies andt bring new dimension and depth to an already impressive sound.


Get it here
Violator – Annihilation Process [LP]


Brazilian thrash metal band’s Violator comes with a new album ” Annihilation Process”, 7 tracks of pure thrash metal, bang your head!! Totally devoted to the old and good Thrash. No new shit or trendy, just Old School Thrash Metal for insane moshing and stage dives! For fans of MUNICIPAL WASTE, SACRED REICH, EXODUS, NUCLEAR ASSAULT etc


Get it here

Violator – Scenarios of Brutality [LP]


Brazilian metal overlords VIOLATOR return with their 3rd album, a masterpiece of thrashing madness that will send all the “new school” thrash bands back to class to learn how it’s fuckin’ done!


Get it here

Also, all these new releases have been added to the store. Get them all here.


Angel Crew – XVI
Good Fellaz – The Roots
Magrudergrind – ST
Obituary – ST
Orchid – Chaos Is Me 12″
Orchid – ST
Orchid – Totality
Poder Absoluto – Puro Sonido Valencia
Self Defense Family – Wounded Masculinity
Wolfbrigade – Prey To The World


Self Defense Family – I Tried to Make Something You Would Enjoy


No Turning Back – No Time To Waste


Jacob Bannon – Dunedevil



Agitator – Bleak
All Pigs Must Die – ST
Backfire – Where We Belong
Bishops Green – A chance To Change – 2nd press LTD 500
Cold World – No Omega
Converge – Jane Live [2ble LP]
Crown Court – Capital Offence – Transparent Blood Red LTD 600
Crown Court – Capital Offence – Black LTD 700
Foundation – Turncoat
Free At Last – Embrace You
Have Heart – What Counts
Incendiary – Thousand Mile Stare
Integrity – The Blackest Curse
Iron Reagan – Crossover Ministry
Life’s Blood – Hardcore A.D. 1988
Magic Circle – ST
Malice At The Palace – ST – Blue
No Warning – Suffer, Survive
Sect – ST
Slapshot – ST
Spazz – Crush Kill Destroy
Spazz – Dwarf Jester Rising
Spazz – La Revancha
Stick Together – No More Second Chances
Stick Together – ST
The Abused – Loud And Clear
Weekend Nachos – Apology
Young And In The Way – When Life Comes To Death


Absolution – Juxtaposition
ACXDC – Postcard Flexi
Bishops Green – Back To Our Roots Part 2
Bishops Green – Back To Our Roots Part 1
Crown Court – The English Disease – 2nd press, clear LTD 500
Eternal Champion – The Last King Of Pictdom
Expire – Suffer The Cycle
Last Crusade – ST – Black
Last Crusade – ST – Red
Magic Circle – Scream Evil b/w Lighting Her Fire
NYC Headhunters – The Rage Of The City


No Tolerance – You Walk Alone


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