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Name / Nickname: Nicolas Poliss aka Nicky Rat aka belgian Nick
Age: 22
Location: Namur/Leeds?
Job & hobbies: No job, hardcore all the time.
Bands you play in: Wrong Decision, Sick State and Night Force.
Art Influences: Fabian Rösel


Your best experience with a band / artwork:
artwork :
Obstruct recently printed a collage I did on t-shirts. Its cool to see something else than a classic drawing being used.
band :
It was great to work on the Sick State 7″ : collaboration work, the zine/insert, hand-printed labels,…


Your worst experience with a band / artwork:
band :
I dont really have any bad experience since i’m mainly “working” with friends. There are more and more people asking me for artworks tho, and two weeks ago someone (who is not american by the way…) asked me to do the cover of his limited #/88 fanzine. He wanted me to draw – “a skinhead waving the american flag on top of a pile of dead mexicans”. I didn’t do it.
artwork :
I’ve been asked to design the new Reproach record from A to Z (cover/back, insert, labels). I’m glad they asked me, I’m glad I did it. But on a technical point that was too much dots. I would do it again anyway !


Current playlist:
Modern Lovers – I Wanna Sleep In Your Arms
Last Rights – Chunks
Gauze – Anti Machine
Obstruct – Tragic Age
No Trend – Family Style
Freak – Ritual Death Demo
YDI – Out For Blood
Royal Headache – Need You / High
Diät – Toonie
Discharge – Realities Of War
Straight Ahead – S/T
Check out Domain, Leather Daddy, Life Fucker and True Vision.


If you want a sick artwork you can reach Nicky on Instagram.


Here is the page how it featured in the printed fanzine:



Here is a sick back cover Nicky did for the S&A Fanzine #1 :



[This interview featured in the first issue of the printed fanzine STRAIGHT & ALERT #1 but for those who didn’t scoop a copy I decided to post it all again here]


Alexis is the one man behind STRAIGHT & ALERT, also doing vocals for Harm Done and Raw Justice (R.I.P). He has been involved into Hardcore Punk for 15 years, running Straight & Alert, playing in bands, booking shows or doing a fanzine. Based in Nantes, France.

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