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I’ve first been in contact with No x Thanks from Oklahoma in 2013, mostly because I tried to order a shirt from them and everything went wrong so I never could have it. May 2017, I’ve pretty much lost track of the band for many reasons, but I got back on track when they put out a new shirt lately, a Brotherhood rip off against, which I couldn’t buy so I got to contact the band again and took some time to ask them some quick questions.

It’s Brandon, their singer, who answered me.




I didn’t find much information about you on the internet, so who are you? Who am I talking to?

Yeahhh were probably not the easiest band to find out about haha. This is Brandon, I sing and I guess it was my idea to start the band?


You’ve been a band for a long time, but you don’t seem to have much activity, what keeps you busy in life?

Yeah we’ve been a band for 4 years this month I think. We kind of do a lot for a few months and then we get busy with other bands and life but we always seem to come back together when it feels right. We’re working on new songs for a 7″ on Dog Years Records that will come out eventually haha


What are you other bands by the way?

Life As One, Upright ( the one from Oklahoma not Finland lol) Piece of Mind, I think that’s it at the moment haha


I know the demo was recorded by Skylerand you, are you still the core of the band?

Yeah me and Skyler wrote that demo in his bedroom and we recorded it as two piece because we weren’t sure we could really find a full band of straight edge kids who wanted to be in a youth crew band in Oklahoma haha. Our drummer Drake was the first member we added and the three of us are really the band. Our first bass player Hal moved to Wisconsin but he still hops on a bus to tour with is when he can.



Congratulations for signing on Dog Years Records. How did it happen? Are they cool people? Are you glad? What are you projects with the label?

Thanks! Well I had ordered a few records/tapes from them in the past. The focusedxminds demo and the Modern Pain demo I think? So that’s how I initially knew about them and then we played St. Louis a few times and met Chris and now we’re actually really good friends because he and I are both hockey fans haha anyways we’re going to be putting out a discography tape and a new 7″ EP with them and who knows after that but Jose are the plans currently so keep a lookout for those!


Any tours or big shows in the trunk by the way?

We’ve got some plan for the fall for Texas and the Midwest. Haha our first goal for this band was just to record a demo and play some shows. Then our goal was to release a 7″. Now that we’ve done that our kind of unattainable goal is to go on a Euro tour. It doesn’t seem possible at the moment but are you really a youth crew band if you haven’t toured Europe?


Spirit of 88′? You got a crew and all or it’s more the positive message of Youth Crew of that period of time?

Definitely just the fact that all the best youth crew bands were active and putting out records that year haha it seems like 88-90 was the peak and we’re trying to bring back the spirit of that time period in hardcore.


How was the tour with New Heart?

It was sick! That was our first real tour with this band and they were so cool. Our original bass player played second guitar on that tour too so it was all of our friends hanging out and it was the kind of tour you think about when you imagine one haha not like the other ones I’ve done where everyone kinda hates each other by day two haha.


After Trump was elected you posted a message about “burning down” America. Are you afraid?

I mean I’m a white male so I’m not so much afraid for myself but for my friends and loved ones. I have a lot of Hispanic friends and I’m still really worried about the safety of them and their family member who may not have legal status and also for just women and people of color in America. It seemed like we were making progress over here then the Trump showed that there really is a racist and sexist undercurrent in America. It’s depressing haha.


Does the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) have any impact on the future of the country?

They’re one of the main groups who actually sue the trump administration and fight anti-democratic laws on behalf of Americans. Them and groups like them are the representation we need right now since we don’t have any in our government.


Favorite hockey team? I’ve watched the play off Montreal VS New York, what did you thought of it?

I like the St. Louis Blues!! But our guitar player Skyler and Chris from Dog Years both like the Pittsburg Penguins so they’re my girlfriend team haha I didn’t see much from that series but it broke my bracket because I predicted Montreal to win haha.


Would you rather play in Youth Of Today but be a Trump voter or play in One Life Crew and have to explain it was a joke all the time because in this hypothetical world it’s just a joke?

Uhhhh hahah neither?! I’ll take playing in Youth Of Today and hopefully the lyrics would have some effect and I could be reformed. Or maybe I’d take playing with one life crew and I’d just try to make their lives miserable haha.




Tieuma used to be writing for DROID x RAGE webzine and Same Shit Different Day fanzine. He played in a few bands in Strasbourg, mostly short living projects, and played bass for Mind Awake from Paris for a little time. Also loves cats and Hello Kitty
Based in Strasbourg, France

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