David Tan is known for filming various killer Hardcore shows happening in UK lately. He spent two days behind his camera during the last OUTBREAK FESTIVAL in Leeds and recorded every band’s live performance in full.


Bands who played that day are Rapture, Frame of Mind, Blind Authority, Bent Life, Bitter Youth, Payday, Insist, Higher Power, The Flex, Freedom, Fury, Breakdown, Title Fight and Gorilla Biscuits. Be sure to check and subscribe to David’s channel to watch all full sets and even more bands.


I asked him if he would be down to do a video report and here is what he came up with for day #1. Thanks to you David !


Alexis is the one man behind STRAIGHT & ALERT, also doing vocals for Harm Done and Raw Justice (R.I.P). He has been involved into Hardcore Punk for 15 years, running Straight & Alert, playing in bands, booking shows or doing a fanzine. Based in Nantes, France.

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