Roger Miret - My Riot : Agnostic Front, Grit, Guts & Glory

Gangs of New York meets Mean Streets in this riveting memoir about surviving the treacherous 1980s Lower East Side and finding refuge and a life in music.
Filled with danger, drugs and abrasive music, My Riot is the definitive insider account of the volatile New York Hardcore scene of the early 1980s. With Roger Miret as front man, legendary band Agnostic Front?s focused fury and aggression defined the times, influenced many and continue to resonate today.
Born in Cuba, Miret fled with his family to the US to escape the Castro regime. Through vivid language and graphic details, he recounts growing up in a strange new land with a tyrannical, abusive stepfather and the roles that poverty and violence played in shaping the toughness that became critical to his survival. 
In his teen years, he finds himself squatting in abandoned buildings with unforgettably eccentric runaways and victims of similar childhood trauma. As an adult, he turns to running drugs to earn enough cash to support his family, but winds up in prison, a trying test of his toughness and perseverance that ultimately sets him on a path towards redemption.
Miret?s gripping memoir is both a vivid portrait of early '80s New York and a testament to the perils of growing up too young too fast and coming out on top through sheer strength, tenacity and courage.

304 pages (incl. 8-page color photo insert )

18,46 €

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