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New DIGITAL Straight & Alert Fanzine - Issue 1 [Digital]

Straight & Alert Fanzine - Issue 1 [Digital]


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Straight & Alert Fanzine #1 was the first (and only so far) issue of the fanzine I made when I have some extra free time.

It was pro printed, 92 A4 sized pages on glossy paper, black & white, written in english.

This first issue featured interviews with:
Foreseen (Finland – Take It Back records / 20 Buck Spin records)
Sex Prisoner (USA – A389 records)
Xibalba (USA – Southern Lord records)
Blindside USA (USA – Straight & Alert records)
Brendan Radigan (The Rival Mob | Mind Eraser | Straight Razor | Magic Circle)
Tom Pimlott (Violent Reaction | Obstruct | The Flex | Arms Race)
Patrick Hassan (Carry The Weight records | Sectarian Violence | xRepentancex)
Connor Donegan (Protester | Red Death | Pure Disgust | Genocide Pact)

+ Record reviews, columns and a bunch of other stuff…

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