Damnation A.D - Pornography [Tape]

Growing up in the ’80s, guitarist Ken Olden and vocalist Mike McTernan were heavily influenced by the burgeoning punk/new wave scene. In particular THE CURE became a mainstay for both, and they would use elements of the layered moodiness and the swirling guitars combined with hardcore to create an emotionally punishing soundscape in DAMANTION A.D. From their very early recordings, DAMNATION A.D. would pay homage to the great influence of THE CURE by covering “Cold.” During that same session almost 25 years ago, the idea to cover Pornography in its entirety was formed. Over the next two and a half decades, the band secretly worked on this project, constantly revising it. Rumors started to circulate to the point where it became an urban myth. Finally, 25 years since the ideas was conceived, their dream of paying tribute to one of their most important influences will see the light of day.

Tape version limited to 200 copies

9,50 €


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