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    Faze is a very young band from Florida who introduce themselves to the world with this four-song demo of Burn and Absolution-inspired hardcore that hearkens to the glory days of the Tompkins Square Park band shell. After a sick demo on Mosher's Delight records they are back with a insane 6 track debut 7" on Triple B records. Seablue limited to 600

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    Continuing the direction of its predecessor, Grave Danger delivers the punishingly relentless pace and aggression now firmly established by the iron hammer of Foreseen. Here, find scraping, throat-ripping vocals over lacerating thrash dominance and possessed hardcore breakdowns that twist seamlessly with an ever-increasing ′80s heavy metal tenacity,...

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    From Ashes Rise plays dark, slightly metallic hardcore that is not unlike early His Hero Is Gone mixed with Scandinavian hardcore like Skitystem and '80s UK crust like Antisect. Drawing on those influences From Ashes Rise has moved this sound into it's own territory so to simply label it "Tennessee style" hardcore would be oversimplifying their sonic...

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    Orange County’s Fury continue their unique blend of hardcore song-writing on this first release since their massive genre-defining LP ‘Paramount’, with two new tracks for their upcoming follow up LP and a cover of the often overlooked band, Ability. Fans of ‘Paramount’ will be pleased to hear more of those beautifully crafted elements of Burn, Outburst,...

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