Before any introduction or any review, this LP title is too long to type for my lazy ass. Now I unburdened my mind with that, UNIFIED RIGHT is a band I’ve been following for a long time, and I have always been pretty surprised by their releases. It wasn’t the panacea but it was interesting, especially considering how young they were when they started and the level of musicianship they already got.


That being said, I wasn’t expecting a LP to pop up one day at all. Not that they were unable to do so, but after two demos, a promo tape and a 7 inch in four years followed by an off-peak period, I was puzzled so to say. Indeed when there’s a promo tape there’s a LP waiting around the corner, but I didn’t wanted to take that for granted, or maybe I was afraid that the LP stage might be some kind of disappointing to me.

Because if there’s something I learned from “promo tapes”, is that if it’s too good, the LP might not come out well. My best example will always be the RIVAL MOB last LP, with the promo tape being a ripper and the LP, well, meh…


So as a starter, wow. The musicianship on that record broke through the roof. I knew they were good, but the song writing here is impressive, especially for such a “punk” sounding record. And I’m not talking about some good riffs and mosh parts, but intelligent and smooth ways to put parts together, changing time signatures and that kind of stuff, music so to say. Even though there’s a lot of band in our musical scene that do it way better, but considering the relation between their age and the type of hardcore they are playing, it’s really pleasing to listen to, and that was a massive highlight. “Ode To Living” or “Power Core” are the first good examples that come to my mind.

It’s slightly better than your average hardcore band, but without becoming plain boring or artsy. There’s an interesting equilibrium between the raw aggression and a desire to go a step ahead basics.The production of the record is also well serving the songs, there’s a lot of studio effects but it didn’t bother me that much. “Consuming Satisfaction” is a bit off my edge, but it’s the only song that goes “too far” per se.


From almost every people whom I talked about this records with, everyone where praising the lyrics almost unanimously. I won’t say I totally disagree, but it’s a matter of perspective really. Compared to their previous releases, no doubt, it’s way more mature. A giant’s step almost. Songs like “Burning Alive” touched me, it’s poetic and full of images, there’s a huge effort implied in those lyrics. If compared to the previous releases. But I suppose those people grew up in hardcore at a time when bands like HAVE HEART or THE SUICIDE FILES where around, and with their strong TURNING POINT touch, it makes sense to me. I’m not depreciating the writing, since I’m more moved by parable than straight to the point lyrics, but I just think it’s the minimum to be expected in this case. Maybe it sounds hard, but there’s no bashing implied here, I’m just not in awe for words like those when you have bands like FURY or LINE OF SIGHT around. It’s a standard of our time and this type of hardcore, but still, cheers for the effort.


Talking about FURY, this bring me to the cons of this review. This record is definitely a product of its time. It’s not a bad thing per se, but you can definitely hear they have spin FURY’s Paramount or FREE AT LAST’s Embrace You. Of course UNIFIED RIGHT tend more toward the AGNOSTIC FRONT side of late NYHC than the bands forementioned, but that doesn’t cover some cliché from our era. Some riffs really sound like borrowed from FURY, and if it doesn’t bother me, I just think this record will be overshadowed by its inspirations. Indeed, every release doesn’t have to be a change in the game, and actually I tend to believe it’s a good thing to carry the sound of your time, but despite the fact I really appreciate this record, I’m pretty sure that in 5 or 10 years, if I have to define the records that moved me in 2k10′, I might not think of this one right away. Not because I don’t like it, but because its identity is not as singular as the records it takes inspiration from.


To sum up, definitely a top notch release for 2017, especially to finish the year. If you liked the band before, buy it, if you don’t know them and want a record to start with, I recommend this one without any doubt. Good song writing, good lyrics, no filler songs. My only regret is it just blends in its time and doesn’t bring much novelty, even though it blends really, really well.


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Label : Triple B records

Year : 2017

Tracklist :

1.So It Goes


3.Ode To Living

4.Burning Alive

5.Dedicated To The Ones I Love


7.The Lobster Wears A Top Hat

8.Power Core

9.Consuming Satisfaction

10.Cashin’ That Check


FFO : Fury / Turning Point / Agnostic Front


Tieuma used to be writing for DROID x RAGE webzine and Same Shit Different Day fanzine. He played in a few bands in Strasbourg, mostly short living projects, and played bass for Mind Awake from Paris for a little time. Also loves cats and Hello Kitty
Based in Strasbourg, France

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